Student Accounts


Authorized Payers

The E-Billing program makes it easy for students to authorize other people to view their bill or make payments on their behalf. On the E-Billing website, As a guest of the student, Authorized Payers can:

  • View the Student Account Statement
  • View the online payment history (please note that Authorized Payers can only see a record of their own online payments)
  • Make payments to the student account on the student's behalf (see Making Payments)
  • Print a copy of the statement for sending payments by mail or for record-keeping

To access the Authorized Payer website, please go to:

How a Student Can Set Up an Authorized Payer

  • Log in to the Wesleyan E-Billing site via the Electronic Portfolio.  Navigate to "Financial Information," "E-Billing," and click on the E-Bill Login button.  You will need to have the e-mail address of the Authorized Payer to complete the setup process.
  • Click on "Authorize Payer" and follow the online instructions to create a user name and temporary password for each Authorized Payer. (The temporary password must be changed by the Authorized Payer when he or she first logs in to the site.)
  • Contact the people you have set up as Authorized Payers, and direct them to the E-Billing site. Be sure to give them the user name and temporary password that you created, and instruct them to change the password.
  • Each billing cycle, both the student and any Authorized Payers will receive an email notifying them that the E-Bill is ready. Students access the E-Billing website using a link in their e-mail or via the Electronic Portfolio.   Authorized Payers receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the E-Billing login page. This ensures the privacy of student information in the Electronic Portfolio.
  • If a student wishes to remove an Authorized Payer, he or she can log in to the Wesleyan E-Billing site and on the "Authorize Payer" screen, click on the "delete" icon next to the individual he or she wishes to remove.

Authorized Payer for E-Billing versus Guest Access to the E-Portfolio Student Account Link

  • The E-Bill is a snapshot in time as of the billing date.  The E-Bill is not updated daily.
  • To view transactions on the student's account in between the E-Bill (i.e. receipt of payment) the student must also provide the Authorized Payer with guest access to his/her electronic portfolio.