You can access the Pre-Registration system from anywhere you can access your Electronic Portfolio. A link will appear in the top frame and under "Course Registration." During Pre-Registration your schedule will have a maximum of four full credit classes, and any number of partial credit classes. Private music lessons do not count towards the full credit limit.  Your credit limit can not be raised until Drop/Add.



  • Between Tuesday, August 21 at 8:30am and Friday, August 31 at 5pm you should set up your plan, a ranked list of your course choices for Fall 2012.
  • You must meet with your faculty advisor to have your plan finalized through an electronic approval in your portfolio.


  • On Friday, August 31 the Pre-Registration system will schedule students into courses based on class standing, major preference, seat availability, the number of times you have previously requested the course and, when appropriate, whether you have met the pre-requisites or have the permission of the instructor.

  • The Pre-Registration system will attempt to schedule you into your first choice.  If you get your first choice, the system will then try to schedule you into the course marked 2A, 3A, etc. If you do not get your first choice, the system will try to schedule you into 2B, 3B, etc.

  • You can preview your preliminary schedule Friday evening.

  • You will be assigned a time when the adjustment period will open for you.


  • On Saturday, September 1 at 8am the adjustment period will open in a staggered fashion, based on the number of courses you have in your preliminary schedule and your class year.
  • Once the adjustment period opens for you:
    • You can add courses that still have seats available;
    • You can delete courses which you no longer wish to take;
    • You can submit ranked enrollment requests for drop/add in January;
    • You can adjust the grading mode and crosslisting of a course.
  • Your advisor must electronically approve changes you make to your preliminary schedule.
  • Adjustment ends on Saturday, September at 5pm.


  • Do not assign a course to your first rank if it has zero seats set aside for your class year/major. The scheduling program will not consider it. These courses are identified in WesMaps with 0in the seat designation.
  • Do not add courses which exclude your class year/major. The system does not allow this.  Class year/major exclusions are identified in WesMaps with an Xin the seat designation.
  • Do not forget to put courses in both columns, even if there is some overlap.
  • Do not forget to select the section(s) of a course you rank. Click “Edit” and identify sections you would like the scheduling program to consider. You can choose one, multiple, or any section.
  • You can rank courses which have overlapping meeting times in your plan. The pre-registration program will not, however, schedule you into two courses with time conflicts.
  • You can finalize your plan with pending POI/PreReq approvals; however, you are strongly encouraged to receive them before advisor finalization.
  • POI/PreReq approvals can be done completely electronically; however, the instructor may request additional information via email or through a face to face meeting.