Certification for Veterans

  • New Incoming VA Students

    All new students qualifying for VA Benefits should provide the following documents to the School Certifying Official in the Registrar's Office:

    • Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
    • DD-214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
    • If benefits were used at another institutione: 22-1995 Change of Program or Place of Training

    Forms are available online at: http://www.va.gov/vaforms/

    For Chapter 33 and 33 Yellow Ribbon, the service person must contact the VA to begin the process of transferring benefits to dependents.

    As of September 20, 2015, you can now apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) benefits online through eBenefits.  https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/homepage

    Request to Be Certified:

    For enrollment certification, VA students must complete the Veterans Benefits Request for Enrollment Certification each semester.

  • School Certifying Officials

    Wesleyan's School Certifying Officials

    Please note that Wesleyan's SCOs are not VA employees and cannot answer questions regarding eligibility of benefits. Students should address their questions to their VA Case Manager, their Faculty Mentor or Wesleyan's Posse Veteran Liaison --- Antonio Farias.

    The Veteran's Administration determines an applicant's eligibility for education assistance.  To discuss education benefits available to you, please speak with a Veteran's Administration (VA) Education Benefits Counselor at 888-GI BILL® (888-442-4551) or visit http://www.gibill.va.gov for information and forms.

  • Steps to Veteran Certification for Undergraduates

    For VA enrollment certifications, all students must complete the Veterans Benefits Request for Enrollment Certification form and submit it to Gladys Rodriguez each term they require certification. New undergradute students must also submit their VA Certificate of Eligibility to Gladys Rodriguez.

    Email: grodriguez@wesleyan.edu
    In person: North College/1st Floor
    Mail: 237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459
    Fax: Attn: VA School Certifying Official/860-685-2601

    For VA students who are certifying their VA enrollment for Chapter 31 will need to obtain the VA Form 28-1905 Authorization and Certification of Entrance or Re-entrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status from their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and forwarded to Gladys Rodriguez.  Please complete your teaching evaluations while the system is open each semester in order to submit your grades to your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. This is required in order for the VRC to send the SCO the 28-1905 each semester for processing payment. 

    Please contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Regional Office at www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab.

    Physical Address: 555 Willard Avenue Newington, CT 06111
    Mailing Address: PO Box 310909 Newington, CT 06131
    Phone:  800-827-1000

    Failure to submit the VA Certificate of Eligibility will delay certification. Enrollment for undergraduate students will be reported to the VA electronically.

    Students cannot be certified beyond sophomore year without a declared major.

  • Student Responsibilty

    Please note that it is your responsibility to inform Gladys Rodriguez immediately if any of the following occur:

    • A change in enrollment status (if you withdraw from the university or drop below the semester hours reported to the VA) after the drop/add period, which could affect your tuition benefit.
    • A change in major (Chapter 31 should notify the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor).
    • You plan to attend another institution and need a 'primary school letter'.
    • You will be on a Leave of Absence from the university.  Please contact your class dean.
    • You receive an incomplete grade (See VA Policy).
    • Students must declare major by end of sophomore year.
  • Incomplete Grades
    Wesleyan allows the assignment of an incomplete provisional grade. Students are required to complete the outstanding work by the first day of the subsequent semester. If the fails to complete the outstanding work by the deadline, the provisional grade will be converted to a final grade. Incomplete grades converted to a failing grade will be reported to the VA.
  • Full Time Status --- Fall/Spring
    Students are required to be enrolled full time at Wesleyan which equates to a minimum of 3 credits (12 semester hours). Students who fall below this minimum will be reported to the VA and will affect tuition payments.
  • Full Time Status --- Winter/Summer

    In order for students to be considered full time during a winter/summer session, students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 0.75 credits (3 semester hours). Students who fall below this minimum will be reported to the VA and will affect tuition payments.

    Students intending to add/drop/withdraw from a winter/summer course should work directly with The Office of Contunuing Studies.

  • Required Sequence Courses
    Wesleyan reports the first semester of a required sequence courses as credit to the VA during that semester. If the student does not earn a passing in the first or second course, this reduction in credit will be reported to the VA, which will affect tuition payments. Detailed information regarding the granting of credit in two-semester courses is available here.
  • Transfer Credit

    In order to transfer credits, the student must:

    • Complete a Permission to Transfer Credit Form
    • Get pre-approval from the Academic Department
    • Get pre-approval from the Class Dean 
    • Submit a copy to the VA Certifiying Official

    Once all steps are completed, the SCO will provide a primary school letter to the other instritution/program.

  • Study Abroad

    For Chapter 31 students interested in Study Abroad:

    For Chapter 33, Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon, and Chapter 35 students interested in Study Abroad: