The Registrar's Office will be closed Monday, May 29; Monday, July 3; Tuesday July 4.
The office will also close at noon on the following Fridays: June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, and August 4.
Please adjust your requests accordingly.


Tutorials:  Most departments require TWO consecutive semesters of thesis tutorials.  You are responsible for knowing and complying with your department's policy.  For December completions, the two-semester tutorial requirement is usually satisfied by doing one tutorial during the Spring of the junior year, the other during the Fall of the senior year.

Schedule:  Honors candidates in the Class of 2016 and 2017 who are December completions follow the same deadline schedule as those completing theses in April.  Candidates who cannot return to Middletown during the Spring should complete most or all of the outlined steps by December.  Note that even if the thesis or project is submitted in December, it will not be evaluated until April.

New Schedule for December Completions: Beginning with the Class of 2018, honors candidates who complete their graduation requirements in December are required to submit and register their thesis with the University on the first day of classes of the following spring semester.  This can be done electronically while not on campus.

Library status: Consult with library staff regarding your change in library status regarding study carrels and borrowing privileges.

Finding you: Let Susan Krajewski and your tutor know where you can be found during the spring semester.  This information includes address and phone number.



One Semester Tracks for Honors

Candidates for Honors in programs that do not require two-semester tutorials must inform the appropriate person in their department of their intent by September 16, 2016.

Honors in Two Departments

Double majors who want to write a single thesis for honors consideration in both departments register for the tutorial in one department, but must obtain approval from each department.  The thesis or project will be evaluated by members of both departments, whose recommendations are independent of one another. Students who major in more than one department, program, or college may submit a thesis in one of their majors or separate theses in more than one major. 

Honors in General Scholarship

University majors and those working on a thesis topic or methodology that is outside of the domain appropriate for the award of Honors in the major department(s) or program(s) may apply to be candidates for Honors in General Scholarship. Refer to the General Scholarship website for information about the application process. In addition to registering for the appropriate tutorial by September 16, 2016, students who did not meet the April 29, 2016 application deadline need to submit a late petition along with the full application to Susan Krajewski by 4pm on Friday, September 16, 2016.

Discontinuing Honors work:

It is imperative that both you and your tutor inform Susan Krajewski as soon as you decide you are not going to pursue honors work.  You must complete a Senior Thesis/Essay Drop Form (red form), have it signed by your thesis advisor, department/program Chair(s), and the senior class dean, and submit it to Susan Krajewski in order to be officially dropped from the honors candidate list.   

Late submission of theses:

Theses may not be submitted late.  If you are having problems, contact Susan Krajewski at the earliest possible time.  Computer problems are absolutely not an acceptable excuse for late submission of a thesis/essay. Do not create a final PDF copy at the last minute. Create your PDF early to make sure your thesis/essay meets margin requirements, tables and footnotes print correctly, the image sizes are not too large, and that your title page is in the proper format. To review the full official policy concerning the Honors Thesis Deadline click here.

Petitions:  Susan Krajewski is not involved in the petition process other than distributing the proper petition form.  Petition issues are handled by an Honors sub-committee and the Chair of Honors.