Printing & Scanning

We offer a variety of printing services to meet the needs of the Wesleyan community. Students may print from any of our computing labs as well as the campus libraries and other locations. Faculty and staff are able to print, copy and scan with our networked Ricoh copier/printers. Cardinal Print & Copy is also available to assist with color printing, large format printing, booklets, posters, postcards and more.

Large Format Printing

Wesleyan offers large format printing in two locations on campus.  Preparation and adequate lead time are essential. [Learn more...]


Self-serve digital scanning is available to the Wesleyan community. Ricoh copier/printers are located throughout the campus and are networked to meet all your basic print, copy and scanning needs.  [Learn more]

Print Shop (Cardinal Print & Copy)

At Cardinal Print & Copy we are always looking for ways to expand and improve printing services offered to the Wesleyan community. Our goal is to provide fast accurate printing at competetive prices. Before sending a print project to an off campus vendor take a look at what we can do for you. [Learn more]

Lab Printing

Students, need to print an essay, poster or magazine? All of our computing labs are equipped with commercial-grade HP printers (color and black and white) [Learn more]

Departmental printers/copiers

Information about using the departmental Ricoh printer/copiers. Printing to a networked Ricoh copier/printer requires an installation on each computer. [Learn more]