Securing Welsyan Logo

In collaboration with Academic Affairs and Human Resources, ITS is rolling out a new campaign on cyber security called Securing Wesleyan. Unfortunately, everyone is a target for cyber attacks, not just large corporations. This program is designed to educate the Wesleyan community on the dangers of cyber attacks and how to help protect ourselves against them. Protect yourself... Secure Wesleyan.

Video Tutorials on Cyber Security

ITS has created a custom video tutorial course on cyber security for all members of the Wesleyan community. We have partnered with SANS training to offer this course. We invite you to go to to take the course to learn how to protect yourself and Wesleyan. 

Wesleyan Security Policies

Wesleyan University takes very seriously the privacy of our students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of these policies is to inform faculty, staff, and student employees of our rules and procedures relating to computer usage and data security. Our policies can be found at

Identity Finder

Wesleyan University is using Identity Finder as our data security tool. Identity Finder is a tool to scan personal computers and servers for personally identifiable information (PII). PII is defined as personal or university information that may be considered potentially damaging if accessed by unauthorized individuals. PII includes social security, credit card, bank account numbers, and passwords. Wesleyan considers it a top priority to protect the privacy of our students, faculty, and staff. Identity Finder provides us with an additional tool to help ensure that protection. Learn more about Identity Finder.

Resources on Cyber Security