Student Employment

ITS employs students to assist us in our mission of providing the best technological support and infrastructure possible to the Wesleyan community. ITS offers invaluable training and job experience in a variety of technical areas which include working with New Media Lab, Help Desk, Instructional Media Support, Desktop Support Services, Technical Sales Support and Wesleyan Station.  ITS staff enjoy working with so many bright and talented students.


  • Job Openings
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  • ITS Student Hourly Wage Rates
    • ITS Student Hourly Wage Rates Spring 2014            
      Standard Advanced Managerial Head Manager Specialist
      1st & 2nd Sem   8.70   8.70    -     -    10.00 - 12.00
      3rd & 4th Sem   8.70   8.70   8.75    -    10.00 - 12.00
      5th & 6th Sem   8.70   9.00   9.50   10.00 - 12.00   10.00 - 12.00
      7th & 8th Sem   8.70   9.50   10.25   10.00 - 12.00   10.00 - 12.00
      Track Definitions                  
      Standard   General consultant, technical assistant or trainee with moderate to well-developed technical ability.
      Advanced   Experienced PC Specialist, HelpDesk Consultant, or Senior Lab Consultant with advanced technical skills.
      Managerial   Manager or trainer of student staff possessing strong organizational and supervisor skills and technical experience.
      Head Manager   Manager of student staff who possesses exceptional organizational and supervisory skills; supervises students in all tracks.  Acts as a liaison between students and ITS staff.
      Specialist   Highly technical or talented students who can program, design, create 3D models; limited to rare few students, needs to be a junior or senior and requires the approval of the Director.
      Graduate student pay rate is $9.00-$12.00 depending upon experience and responsibility.
      Effective January 1, 2014, the State of Connecticut minimum wage increased from $8.25 to $8.70 per hour.
  • ITS Student Employment for Summer and Winter Breaks

      Student Employee Hourly Wage Rates for Summer and Winter Breaks


      Student I Student II Student III
      $8.75 per hour $9.75 per hour $10.75 per hour
      Moderate level Skills Experienced Level Skills Advanced Level Skills
      Requires Supervision Moderate Supervision Requires Little Supervision
      Support Position Many Responsibilities Supervisory Responsibilities

      Student employees are responsible for securing their own housing. For detailed information about on-campus summer housing, students should visit the                    
      Office of Residential Life.                  
      Early Fall Return                   
      If you require a student to return to campus early, you must make a request to Residential Life by June 23, 2014 so that we can confirm whether or not that student's fall assignment could be available early.  Supervisors must contact Stacey Phelps at

      There is no guarantee that your student can move directly into their fall assignment and early arrivals cannot return to campus before Noon on August 21, 2014. 

  • FAQ

    • FAQ

      How do I post an open position?
      If you would like to post a new position, please visit the Financial Aid website.

      What types of forms are required for employment?
      All students who wish to work on campus must provide proof that they are eligible to work in the United States and must complete the Federal Employment Eligibility Form, also called an I-9.  To view the list of accepted documents visit the Financial Aid website at:

      How does Work-Study work?
      Federal Work-Study is a campus-based employment program that is subsidized by federal funds. Students that are eligible are allocated a specific amount of work-study that they can earn and apply to the cost of their education. For eligible students, 50% of student's wages are paid by the Federal Work-Study program and 50% are paid by the university department until the student work-study allotment is exhausted.

      How many hours a week can students work?
      Fifteen hours a week is the maximum during the academic year, 37.5 hours during summer and winter break. A student should work approximately ten hours per week to fulfill their work study allotment. If students can’t get enough hours from one department, they may choose to take an additional job.

      How is time reported?
      Students utilize Timeclock, accessed via the student portfolio, for the reporting of hours worked.  Supervisor training modules are located in ePortfolio/Tools&Links/Timeclock Management/Help.

      Note:  Hours submitted retroactively are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study match.

      Do hours worked during school breaks count toward a student's work-study allotment?
      Yes, all hours worked during the academic year will draw against a student's work-study allotment. This includes fall, Thanksgiving, winter and spring break. Hours earned during winter break draw from a student's spring allotment (i.e. the fall semester ends on the last day of exams during the fall semester). Earnings following the last day of exams in the spring semester would not draw from a student's spring allotment, since this date signifies the end of the academic year.