Vehicles on Campus

All students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles. Public Safety assigns parking lots to faculty and staff. Student lots are located in several locations and require a student parking sticker for all or part of an academic year. Public Safety enforces parking rules and regulations by ticketing, immobilizing and towing. Please obey all parking rules and regulations. (Copies of parking regulations are available at Public Safety or on this website.)

Registration of vehicles provides advantages, such as:

  1. Prompt identification and notification should Public Safety need to contact the owner.  
  2. Possible avoidance of towing, particularly during the winter months. Middletown Police often contact Public Safety and request that we locate the owner of a University stickered vehicle so that the owner can remove it rather than the city tow it.
  3. An unregistered vehicle is more likely to be towed from campus, sometimes immediately, if it is in violation of a parking regulation
  4. Public Safety offers additional motor vehicle services to students, faculty and staff who register their vehicles. Register your vehicle with the Office of Public Safety. Public Safety patrols these lots and recommends the following:
    • Avoid leaving valuables in your car or conceal them by locking them in the trunk.
    • Install anti-theft door locks and/or a vehicle alarm system.
    • Always lock the car when you leave it.
    • If you have valuable sound system or other electrical devices that you want to protect consider having them made so they are removable and remove the item(s) and take them with you when you leave your vehicle.
    • Report any motor vehicle accidents, damage, or parking problems to Public Safety.
    • When leaving your car put the driver's side passenger seat forward against the steering wheel. This allows you, upon return, to see into the back seat. If the seat has been moved when you return, do not enter the car, call Public Safety.
    • Carry a "Call Police" sign in your vehicle. If your car breaks down, place the sign in the back window and wait for the police. Lock all doors and roll up windows.
    • If someone stops to help you, crack the window only a half inch and ask them to call police or a tow service.
    • Remember: for students, the Campus Shuttle Service will escort you to your vehicle; for faculty/staff, call Public Safety and we will walk you to your vehicle after dark.