Jewish Renaissance Fellowship


I am delighted to announce the continuation of the Jewish Renaissance Fellowship at Wesleyan University for the upcoming academic year.

In developing this year’s Jewish Renaissance Fellowship, we are seeking to create a cadre of 5-7 highly motivated current Frosh/Sophmores to re-configure the Jewish communal experience of incoming students.

The Fellows will work towards:

*Welcoming incoming Frosh and exposing them to the diversity and richness of cultural, religious, and social Jewish life at Wes.

*Easing the transition of Frosh into Wesleyan. By modeling hospitality (hachnasat Orchim), and by capitalizing on Orientation and WesFest, the fellows will prove and confirm that age-old dictum that first impressions are priceless.

*Developing programs on campus that promote different models of healthy and energized Jewish communities. The Fellows will move beyond the typical “Shabbat dinner”, and “study break”, and develop programs that mix content and fun, spiritual as well as social/emotional development.


·        Currently a frosh or sophomore

·        Jews of no, any, and all denominations, affiliations and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

·        On campus in late August for orientation.

·        Ability to devote a few hours a week in the Fall semester.

Fellows who complete the program will be eligible to receive up to $180 to be used to advance their personal Jewish spiritual/religious identity (travel, art, retreats, workshops, conferences).

Application Process:

Q and A session with pizza in  March.

1.    March 25: Applications are due by 5pm.

2.   Early April: Interviews

3.    Mid April: Notifications. 

4.   April (late) Training for Fellows.

An application can also be found online at

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Rabbi David Leipziger Teva.