Fall Open House Transportation Assistance Program

The Wesleyan University Office of Admission funds the Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), which provides an all-expenses-paid visit to campus (including transportation, accommodations and meals) for a select number of high school seniors interested in participating in one of our annual Open House Programs. 

During the visit, students will have the opportunity to visit classes, attend panel discussions, spend the night with a current student, speak with faculty, and explore the campus community.

If you are interested in the Transportation Assistance Program, the online application and supporting materials must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines.
  • Dates & Deadlines.

    Columbus Day Open House October 8-9, 2017
    Priority deadline - June 29
            Notification - August 2
            Confirmation - August 7
        Regular deadline - September 4
            Notification - September 11
            Confirmation - September 16

    Veterans Day Open House November 9-10, 2017
        Priority deadline - June 29
            Notification - August 2
            Confirmation - August 7
        Regular deadline - October 13
            Notification - October 19
            Confirmation - October 24

    While the Open House Program is open to all, the number of students awarded travel grants is limited, so a timely response will be taken into consideration along with background and interest in Wesleyan.

  • Application.

    To apply click here.

  • Supporting Materials.

    TAP Supporting Material

    Please send all materials to the attention of TAP at tap@wesleyan.edu or fax to: 860-685-3001.

  • I've been approved! What's next?

    After you receive notification from Wesleyan you will have 5 days to respond and either accept or decline our offer.  If you accept, at that time you must also submit the Medical Permission Form and Statement of Financial Responsibility.

    We will book all travel for you and email your itinerary.  You must look over your itinerary and let us know immediately if changes need to be made.

    All details of your trip (plane, bus, train, shuttle) will be communicated through email after your tickets are confirmed.

    Tickets are nonrefundable.  Should you need to cancel your trip after tickets are already booked, you will be responsible for covering the cost of the ticket.

  • Questions?

    Contact Sonia Vega with questions: 860-685-3000 or tap@wesleyan.edu