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Emery Frick
Ford Writing Fellow

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  • Anna Apostolidis

    Anna Apostolidis

    I'm a junior Anthropology
    and German Studies
    double major, pursuing a
    certificate in Social,
    Cultural, and Critical
    Theory. Academic
    writing, for me, is a
    beautifully creative
    endeavor, combining
    tradition with innovation
    and craft with style, and
    I like to think that writing
    can also be a force for good
    in the world. When I'm not
    writing incredibly liberal
    artsy words like
    "performativity" and
    "precariat," you might see
    me playing the accordion
    around campus or acting
    in a play.
  • Laura Bither

    Laura Bither

    I'm a senior Biology and
    Environmental Studies
    double major with a
    minor in African Studies.
    I am comfortable advising
    writing in English and,
    although I am a bilingual
    French speaker, I can't
    (yet!) edit academic
    papers in that language.
    My one piece of writing
    advice is to give yourself
    time to fully develop your
    ideas before you start the
    paper (starting the night
    before doesn't work out
    well for me even though I'm
    great at procrastinating).

  • Elly Blum

    Elly Blum

    I am a Senior with a
    double major in
    Science and Society
    and Psychology. I am
    from New York City.
    I love to travel,
    paint, and ski.
  • Haley Brumberger

    Haley Brumberger

    I am an intended
    English major, but
    am exploring the 
    possibility of double
    majoring with Earth
    and Environmental
    Science. Outside of the
    classroom (or studio!)  
    I am an Academic Peer
    Advisor, a member of 
    Club Equestrian Team,
    Ski and Snowboard team,
    and a captain of the Club
    Ice Hockey team. My biggest
    advice about writing is to
    be direct and avoid using
    qualifying and justifying 
    language! Be confident!

  • David Caruso

    David Caruso

    I'm a senior Theater
    and English double
    major from Minneapolis.
    I'm working on a
    playwriting thesis, although
    I am a theory and literary
    forms concentration within
    English. Although I'm an
    English major, I've written
    papers for biology,
    astronomy, psychology and
    anthropology classes, so
    hopefully I can be helpful
    in all of those subjects, too!
    I'm a member of Gag Reflex,
    Wesleyan's oldest improv
    group. I'm a taurus. Always
    read your work aloud
    before you submit it. 
  • Liz Cettina

    Liz Cettina

    I am a senior English major writing a thesis on two awesome contemporary poets and publishers, Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop. My number one bit of writing advice is to give yourself time to rewrite. I almost always open a new document after writing a paper and restart it from scratch.
  • Danielle Cohen

    Danielle Cohen

    I'm a senior majoring
    in English and Psych
    with a minor in Art
    History. In my spare
    time, I edit the Arts &
    Culture section of the
    Argus and write freelance
    for a couple off-campus
    publications. I speak
    (sort of) fluent French
    and am a dangerously
    big fan of long, elaborate
    sentences, which is why
    I always revise to check
    for unnecessary words
    or phrases.
  • Arden Feil

    Arden Feil

    I am a senior double
    majoring in Biology
    and Science and Society.
    I work in a molecular
    genetics lab in the
    MB&B department and
    will be starting the
    BA/MA program next
    semester. Beyond
    research, I am interested
    in making science more
    accessible and
    understandable through
    writing and education.
  • Yael Fisher

    Yael Fisher

    I'm a senior College of
    Social Studies student
    completing the writing
    certificate. I am fluent
    in Hebrew and happy
    to work with Israeli ESL
    students or students
    taking Hebrew classes.
    You can usually find me
    at the big tables on the
    first floor of Olin, working
    on my thesis on Kibbutz
    privatization or reading
    New York Times recipes. 
    My favorite writing
    professor once said that
    it's important to write your
    way into your material, even
    if none of that initial content
    makes it into the final draft.
    So now, when I'm struggling
    with kickstarting a writing
    project, I like to set a timer
    for half an hour and free write
    without the pressure of
    "writing a good essay."
  • Emery Frick

    Emery Frick

    Ford Fellow
    I am the Ford Fellow
    for this academic
    school year. I
    graduated from Wesleyan
    in May 2017 with a
    degree in Psychology and
    a Certificate in Writing.
    Outside of academic writing
    and reading, I also love
    creative writing and taking
    my best friend, a 55-pound
    pit bull mix, to the park
    to play! I hope one day to
    be a therapist, so I can
    help people and break
    down the stigma around
    mental health.
  • Emily Furnival

    Emily Furnival

    I am a senior COL major.
    I can mostly only work
    in English unfortunately,
    but I used to know Italian
    and I'm learning Spanish.
    I can't write anything
    without a detailed outline
    (though I'm trying to write
    my thesis without one!)
    and my number one piece
    of advice is to outline.
    I also think you should
    always try to explain your
    essay to someone who
    knows nothing about your
    topic -- sometimes their
    questions are the most helpful!
  • Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

    Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo

    I am a Senior English and
    Film double major,
    concentrating in Creative
    Writing.  I know a bit of
    French and some very
    basic Danish--enough to
    talk about bread or my
    name, but probably not
    enough to help with an
    essay! My biggest piece
    of current writing advice
    is: no matter how many
    characters Twitter allows
    you, if you can't say it
    in 140, edit, cut, revise,
    until you can.
  • Lauren Goetzman

    Lauren Goetzman

    I am a junior majoring
    in Economics,
    minoring in Film and
    pursuing a Writing
    certificate. Hebrew is
    actually my first
    language, I am not 
    comfortable writing in it. 
    I hope to one day build 
    my confidence to pursue
    a deeper analysis of the
    language in the coming 
    years! I am a Captain of
    the Women's Soccer team,
    and I love to write poetry
    and read screenplays;
    sometimes if I'm feeling
    bold, I'll attempt to write
    some of my own shorts.
    My number one bit of
    writing advice would be
    to spend as much time 
    on the planning process as 
    possible (outlining, discussing 
    the topic etc.) before putting 
    pen to paper, and 
    trust your ability!

  • Mira Guth

    Mira Guth

    I'm a senior SiSP major
    and I'm also completing
    Writing and Environmental
    Studies Certificates.
    I can only tutor in English,
    but I do know a bit of French.
    I think the hardest and
    most important part of
    writing is staying critical
    of your work while
    never doubting yourself!
  • Sophie Hayssen

    Sophie Hayssen

    I'm a junior English and
    American Studies major.
    In addition to my majors,
    I'm comfortable working
    in subjects like Film,
    Religion, lower-level
    Sociology, and
    My strengths as a
    tutor include outlining
    and tightening language. 
  • Nell Highleyman

    Nell Highleyman

    I am Junior English major
    with a concentration in
    Creative Writing. I speak
    a small amount of French,
    but am otherwise English
    bound. I'm on the crew
    team and love thinking
    about writing. 
  • Tess Holland

    Tess Holland

    I am a senior French studies
    and art history double major,
    pursuing the writing certificate.
    I am a captain on the track
    team and have participated
    in several dance showcases
    on campus including
    Burlesque, Terp, and Winter
    Dance. I'm from San
    Francisco, where I spent
    the summer working in a
    gallery and museum,
    pursuing my passions for
    photography and art.
    When I graduate, I hope
    to start a career in interior
    design, but for now I
    enjoy decorating my senior
    house on Knowles Ave. 

  • Carson Horky

    Carson Horky

    I am a sophomore prospective
    History major. I love politics,
    theater, and telling people
    annoying historical anecdotes
    that they don’t care about!
    My favorite part of the writing
    process is editing—crossing
    things out is the best
    self-deprecating but overall
    positive activity. I am a true
    believer in the “less is more”
    philosophy of writing, there’s
    always room to cut down.
  • Miranda Hoyt-Disick

    Miranda Hoyt-Disick

    I am an English and
    film major, 2019. I
    speak English and
    read Latin. I have very
    good essay writing
    playlists that include
    greatest hits for the
    Pirates of the
    Caribbean Sountrack. 
  • Gabriel Kachuk

    Gabriel Kachuk

    I’m a senior in the
    College of Letters.
    I can work in French,
    and I have some smatterings
    of Hebrew and Latin as well.
    I’m a flagrant 'overwriter',
    so I make sure to leave a lot
    of time for editing, condensing,
    and refining when I’m
    completing writing projects.
  • Aryeh Lieber

    Aryeh Lieber

    I'm a senior majoring in
    English and French
    Studies (I'm happy to work
    in French!). I'm a strong
    proponent of reading one's
    own work aloud. When not
    in the workshop, I spend my
    time reading, baking, and
    tending to a growing brood
    of snake plants and
  • Martha Mastrianni

    Martha Mastrianni

    I'm a senior English and
    Spanish major, so I'm
    comfortable working in
    both those languages. I like
    writing my own poems and
    short stories, and when I'm
    not doing writing-related
    things, I'm working as an
    RA and singing in the
    Wesleyan Concert Choir.
    My biggest pieces of writing
    advice are to make a thorough
    outline and leave time for
    proofreading at the end.

  • Will Moss

    Will Moss

    I'm Will Moss and I'm a
    senior Religion major
    and History minor. While
    I'm only comfortable
    offering advice for English
    written papers, I have
    experience working with
    ESL students and have
    some conversational
    Spanish skills. When
    I'm not working on
    research papers (my
    favorite kind of writing
    assignments) I enjoy
    playing frisbee and
    exploring Connecticut
    hiking trails. 
  • Ishika Sen Mukherjee

    Ishika Sen Mukherjee

    I am a sophomore in
    the College of Social
    Studies. Besides English,
    I can work in Hindi,
    Bengali and a smatter
    of Spanish. I am an
    impulsive writer and a
    compulsive procrastinator.
    I love making playlists,
    reading mystery novels
    and binge-watching reality
    TV. When I am not
    procrastinating, you can
    find me napping in the library.

  • Jed Munson

    Jed Munson

    I'm a junior in the
    College of East Asian
    Studies, also going for
    a Writing Certificate. I'm
    a heritage Korean
    speaker--I grew up
    speaking at home but
    only began studying it
    academically in college--
    and am obsessed with
    reading and writing
    fiction. I love looking at
    how good writing "works"
    and examining the space
    between those achievements
    and my own writing because
    I think close reading can
    provide a cool way of
    understanding how we, as
    people, construct meaning
    in our world. I struggle with
    science and sports, in general.
  • Rosanne Ng

    Rosanne Ng

    I'm a junior from Hong
    Kong. I'm a College of
    Social Studies major,
    which means that in my
    sophomore year I wrote
    40 essays (over 220 pages)
    in total. I speak Cantonese
    and Mandarin, but I struggle
    with reading and writing in
    them. Outside of class, I'm
    a senator on the WSA, a
    volunteer with the Wesleyan
    Refugee Project, and a
    research assistant in East
    Asian Studies/Government.
    I hope I can be of help to you!
  • Corinne Noonan

    Corinne Noonan

    I’m currently a senior
    majoring in English and
    Government. I am a
    captain of the swim team,
    and I also play club water
    polo. I have a tendency to
    ramble when I write, so I
    have a lot of practice in
    cutting down and
    aiming for concision!
  • Yao Ong

    Yao Ong

    I am a senior majoring
    in English and COL.
    Aside from English, I am
    fluent in Chinese and can
    read and write in German
    at an intermediate level.
    As a student of literature,
    I do a lot of textual analysis
    in my papers. I've found
    that typing out long quotes
    from texts (whether or not
    I end up using them in my
    papers) is a good investment
    of time; it encourages me to
    read slowly and mindfully as
    I am typing the passages out,
    and pays off eventually when
    it comes to creating an outline
    with greater detail, and of
    course, when having to actually
    cite the text in my papers.
  • Jake Orlin

    Jake Orlin

    I'm a senior in the
    College of Letters,
    and I’m also earning a
    Data Analysis Minor as
    well as a Writing Certificate.
    My approach to writing is
    inspired by J.R. Smith’s
    philosophy on life: “When in
    doubt, shoot the ball.” I can
    help out with fiction,
    literary non-fiction,
    traditional academic essays,
    science writing, and Spanish.
  • Noam Radcliffe

    Noam Radcliffe

    I'm a Film Studies major
    who's also completing the
    Writing Certificate. I'm
    comfortable advising writing
    in English, but I speak/write
    decent Spanish. When this
    year ends I'll be thrust
    cruelly out into the world,
    where I'll probably spend
    my days chasing the
    dream of working in the
    video games industry.
  • Emma Raddatz

    Emma Raddatz

    I'm a senior English
    and Religion double
    major. I'm writing a
    thesis about three
    Caribbean women
    writers, and my
    favorite place in
    Connecticut is the
    Book Barn in Niantic. 
  • Thomas Reid

    Thomas Reid

    I'm a senior history
    major from Maine
    and can work in both
    English and German.
    I enjoy writing and
    dancing, including
    dancing about writing,
    and writing about dancing.
    I'll be graduating in
    December and would be
    happy to commiserate
    with any and all who
    have uncertainty for
    what is to come!
  • James Reston

    James Reston

    I'm a senior College
    of Social Studies &
    Russian and Eastern
    European Studies
    double major. I can
    work in Russian, and
    I have experience
    translating primary
    documents into English.
    I build extensive outlines
    for every paper, and I
    tend to write my body
    paragraphs before I
    even have an introduction!
  • Charlotte Rich

    Charlotte Rich

    I’m a sophomore from
    New York City and a
    prospective History
    major. When I’m not
    working in the Writing
    Workshop, I’m involved
    in various dance groups
    and shows on campus.
    I’m comfortable working
    with papers in Spanish,
    though you wouldn’t
    know it from my speaking!
    My number one piece of
    writing advice is just to
    start — get your ideas
    down on the page and
    the rest will begin to
    take shape.
  • Dache Rogers

    Dache Rogers

    I am a senior double
    major in English and
    African American
    Studies. Besides English,
    I do know a good amount
    of American Sign
    Language and can tell
    you some things about
    Deaf culture if you're
    interested! I'm also a
    creative writer, with
    most of my experience
    in short fiction. But this
    year I'm writing a thesis
    that's a memoir, so ask
    me about that if you
    want to hear me go back
    and forth between excitedly
    talking about my research
    and complaining that I
    chose to do a thesis
    in the first place!
  • Eli Sands

    Eli Sands

    I am a film major in
    the class of 2018.
    I work in English and
    some Spanish. My
    number one piece
    of writing advice is
    to let loose in the
    first draft; to not
    restrict yourself
    and let your
    thoughts flow.
    Editing comes later.
  • Molly Schiff

    Molly Schiff

    I'm a senior from
    New York majoring in
    Government and Italian
    Studies. I'm happy to
    help with writing in the
    humanities or social
    science, and I'm
    comfortable working
    with Italian-language
    writing as well. Outside
    of classes, I'm usually
    at The Argus office or
    re-watching the best
    TV show of all
    time, 30 Rock. 
  • Sonya Sternlieb

    Sonya Sternlieb

    I’m a senior majoring in
    American Studies and
    Biology. Generally, I
    work with students on
    social science,
    creative writing, or
    science-writing projects.
    I love roadtrips, tea,
    and anything by
    Junot Díaz, and sometime
    after graduation want
    to go on a cross-country
    train ride.
  • Lyra Walsh Fuchs

    Lyra Walsh Fuchs

    I am a junior English
    major. I am from
    New York, where I
    have chickens, two
    dogs, two cats, and
    two brothers. I like to
    write fiction, and
    sometimes, essays.
  • Beck Zegans

    Beck Zegans

    I'm a senior Philosophy
    and Psychology double
    major. I'm writing a
    philosophy of mind
    thesis about talking
    monkeys, and outside
    of the workshop I play
    music and help run
    sound for student shows.
  • Lindsay Zelson

    Lindsay Zelson

    I am a junior double-major
    in History and Psychology.
    I work in English (though
    I wish I had better foreign
    language abilities). In
    addition to mentoring,
    I am the Vice President of
    the WesACLU, a member of
    the WesReads Tutoring
    Program, and a Research
    Assistant in Wesleyan's
    Cognitive Development Lab.
    My latest go-to writing
    technique is to draft my
    paragraphs without
    indentations so that I can
    feel free to move them
    around and play with
    the structure of my work!