At the Writing Workshop a staff of trained peer tutors is available to meet with you at every stage of the writing process.  You can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor's comments on completed work.  Tutors meet with first-year students, senior thesis writers, and even faculty members.  Everyone is welcome and all services are free.



All locations will be serving drop-in students in the event that there are un-booked appointments for the night in those locations.  In addition, we currently have one designated drop-in shift from 7-11 pm Sunday evening in Allbritton 004 (basement). You'll be unable to book an appointment in advance for that shift, though you can drop in at any time if no other student is being seen when you drop in.


Monday and Wednesday Afternoons, 1:45-4 pm / Downey House (Room 103)
Monday and Tuesday Afternoons, 4-6:15PM (Mon). and 1-2:15PM (Tues.) (Olin 106)
Sunday-Thursday Evenings, 7-11 pm / Science Library 266 (2nd floor)
Sunday-Thursday Evenings, 7-11 pm / Science Library 77 (basement)
Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday Evenings, 7-11 pm/Albritton 004 (basement)
Sunday-Thursday Evenings, 7-11 pm/Olin 106 (first floor)

To schedule an appointment, click on the "Writing Workshop" link in the Academic Resources section of your E-Portfolio or call (860) 685-2440.

View a full schedule of hours here.