A new novel from Gerald Vizenor

“In writing that’s full of possibilities, Gerald Vizenor delivers to us the native world that should be.”  —Diane Glancy,
author of Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education

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October 2034–A Familiar Treatise
on the White Earth Nation

by Gerald Vizenor 

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Announcing Treaty Shirts from Gerald Vizenor
The imagined narratives of seven native exiles from the White Earth Nation Gerald Vizenor creates masterful, truthful, surreal, and satirical fiction similar to the speculative fiction of Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman.  In this imagined future, seven natives are exiled from federal sectors that have replaced federal reservations; they pursue the liberty of an egalitarian…...

Announcing The Selected Letters of John Cage
Letters of an avant-garde icon available to the public for the first time Events: May 1- Atlas Eclipticalis at Wesleyan May 7, NYPL for Performing Arts. This selection of over five hundred letters gives us the life of John Cage with all the intelligence, wit, and inventiveness that made him such an important and groundbreaking…...

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