Paper Shredding with ProShred

Wesleyan works with ProShred Connecticut, a paper shredding company, to dispose of documents in a secure, convenient, and environmentally-sensitive way.  PROSHRED shreds and recycles all its paper, which has saved over 1000 trees at Wesleyan.  

There are over 30 departments using PROSHRED across campus.  If your department is interested in having a PROSHRED box, please read more about the program and contact Olga Bookas. For the 2016 calendar, click here.

Departments that use PROSHRED

CFA (Zilkha Gallery) Davison Health Center
CFA (Davison Art Gallery) Theater Dept: 275 Washington Terr.
Center for Film Studies Music Studios: 297 Washington Terr.

University Relations: 330 High St., 318 High St., 110 Mt. Vernon St.

Wesleyan Fund: 164 Mt. Vernon St.
Russell House (Philosophy Department) Finance Office: 287 High St.

English Department, 294 High St.

Center for African-American Studies: 343 High St.
North College Basement (Purchasing) Center for the Americas: 255 High St.
North College 1st Floor (Registrar, Student Accounts) South College (President's Office)
North College 3rd Floor (Deans' Office, Academic Affairs) Judd Hall (Psychology Department)
North College 4th Floor (Finance, Investments) Public Affairs Center (1st Floor)
Graduate Liberal Studies Program: 75 Wyllys Ave. Usdan University Center (Post Office, Bon Appetit Offices, Cafe Lounge)
Human Resources: 212 College St. Dance Department: 160 Cross St.
Exley (Mail Room/ITS) Hall-Atwater (Microbiology)
Upward Bound: 41 Lawn Ave.