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Energy Projects

Emissions generated as a result of energy consumption (including both electricity and heating/cooling) represent the majority of Wesleyan's greenhouse gas emissions. To neutralize these emissions, we will have to:

  • reduce energy use as much as possible, through behavior change initiatives to encourage conservation and upgrades to more efficient buildings, infrastructure, and appliances;
  • generate our own energy from renewable and carbon neutral energy sources - like solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, and biomass;
  • work with our electricity providers to increase the percentage of renewable energy in our fuel mix;
  • purchase electricity derived from renewable sources by buying Green-E certified renewable energy credits (RECs);
  • offset remaining emissions.
  • educate students about energy saving programs, such as Do It in the Dark.

Contact Information

Peter Staye, SAGES Energy Subcommittee Chair
(860) 685-3773