Disability Notification Form

This form is for students new to Wesleyan University only. Students who have disabilities, even if they do not intend to use reasonable accommodations, should notify Accessibility Services that they are coming to campus by submitting the form below.  Entering students often have questions about whether to register with this office. There may be benefits to registering with the office regardless of a need for formal accommodations. The Associate Dean for Student Academic Resources, who coordinates Accessibility Services, will talk with students individually and confidentially about the services at Wesleyan and differences between high school and college. The dean will help students think through the implications of not requesting reasonable accommodations during the first semester at Wesleyan. For many students, Wesleyan provides a less structured environment that presents unfamiliar or unforeseen challenges. The first semester at Wesleyan can be smoother with reasonable accommodations in place. 

Notification Form

Please complete this form

only if you have a disability. 

If you are unsure whether or not you should complete this form,

please contact Accessibility Services at 860-685-5581.

Personal Information

Please complete all fields in this section.  Failure to provide complete and correct information may result in this form not being processed correctly.


Disability Information


Would you like to be contacted by the student group, Eye to Eye.? Eye to Eye is a mentoring program which matches middle school students with LD/ADD with college students.

Would you like to be contacted the the student group - Eating Allergy Safe and Yummy which is dedicated to supporting students with food allergies, celiac disease and other dietary concerns?

Please submit any other questions you might have to Dean Laura Patey (lpatey@wesleyan.edu).