Temporary Impairments

Temporary impairments may include, but are not limited to, conditions such as concussions, recovery from surgery, or a broken arm or leg. Students are responsible for notifying Wesleyan University of the need for assistance due to temporary impairments.

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services staff can assist in evaluating student needs and in making arrangements for reasonable courtesy accommodations. The following are examples of some of the accommodations provided when appropriate for each student's situation:

  • Inability to write with dominant hand due to a physical injury: use of voice recognition software; copies of notes from another student in class.
  • Difficulty writing with dominant hand due to a physical injury but can type: use of a computer for exams
  • Difficulty reading print materials due to a concussion: electronic formats of books, when available; text-to-speech software.
  • Difficulty with focus and concentration due to a concussion or side effects from medications: extended time for exams; distraction-reduced exam setting.

Additional Resources:

Davison Health Center: 860-685-2470

Urgent and preventative care; referrals to local physicians; medical liaison services with home and outside physicians; medication management; referral to off-campus services that provide medical equipment, including crutches and wheelchairs; and on-campus as well as off-campus transportation for students with mobility impairments.

Residential Life: 860-685-3550

Accessibility issues in campus housing. (Please note: The ability to accommodate requests for accessible housing are guided by space availability and student needs.)

Public Safety: 860-685-2345