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Service-Learning Initiative Grants (SLIGs)

Obligations and Supports


1)      Grantees are expected to create a written agreement of obligations with their community partner(s);

2)      Grantees are required to submit a short evaluation report following each teaching of the service-learning course.  This includes a faculty evaluation of the course, community partner evaluations, and student evaluations of the service-learning component.  Additionally, faculty will be asked (though obviously not required) to approve access to their standard teaching evaluations (for purposes of generating cumulative data across all service-learning courses).

3)      Faculty receiving Service-Learning Initiative funds may be invited to make a presentation at the Center for Community Partnerships, at division meetings, or in some other appropriate venue.


1)      Center for Community Partnerships staff, including the Service-Learning Director and Administrative Assistant (and, as appropriate, the Directors of Community Service and Community Relations);

2)      Center for Community Partnerships resources, including community contacts, library materials, and help with transportation;

3)      Course or Teaching Assistants are available for all SL courses, for the semester preceding the semester the course will be taught  (for work with community partners and so forth).  Teaching Assistants during the semester can be covered by the department or using SLIG funds. Contact the Service-Learning Director for such requests;

4)      $4000 grants, $2000 of which may be taken as stipend.