Summer Science Seminars

Weekly seminars are designed to broaden and enrich the intellectual experience of our summer research students. The speakers design their talks to be interesting and valuable for the undergraduate audience of varying scientific backgrounds and fields. Included are some talks by Wesleyan alumni who have gone on to careers in the sciences. Research students are encouraged to talk with the speaker, both in the formal seminar period, and in more informal smaller groups.

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Summer '16 Seminar Series

June seminars held at noon in 107 Shanklin - July seminars held at noon in 58 Exley    

Exception: Wednesday, July 13 seminar in 107 Shanklin





2 June Manon Cox
President and Chief Executive Officer
Protein Sciences Corporation
“Innovation in Vaccine Development:Case
Study: Flublok the first FDA approved
recombinant influenza vaccine" 
Scott Holmes
9 June Carolyn S. Gordon
Professor of Mathematics
Dartmouth College
““You Can’t Hear the Shape of a Drum”    Cameron Hill

13 June

Paulo E. Arratia
Dept. Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics
University of Pennsylvania

"Life in Complex Fluids.”

Greg Voth

23 June

Joseph D. Ortiz
Department of Geology
Kent State University
“Is All of that Bloom Toxic? Hyperspectral Visible Remote Sensing Holds the Answer" Suzanne O'Connell

30 June

Christine Ann Denny
Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University
Division of Integrative Neuroscience
Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc
“Deactivating Fear Memories: Implications for Psychiatric and Cognitive Disorders” Janice Naegele

7 July


Nicholas Jackson (Wes '11)
Institute for Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago
"Optoelectronic Networks in Soft Matter: From Molecules to Polymers to Processing" Brian Northrop

Shanklin 107

Julie Zimmerman
Green Engineering School of Forestry and Environmental Studies School of Engineering and Applied SciencesYale University
“Designing Tomorrow” Ellen Thomas

21 July

Jessica Bolker
Department of Biological Sciences
University of New Hampshire
““Bridging Biology and Philosophy” ” Joseph Rouse

28 July

150 Exley

Van Vleck Observatory Team
Astronomy Department
Wesleyan University            
"100 Years of the Van Vleck Observatory" Francis Starr

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