Event Staff Job Description

Event Staff are students representing the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development who provide a positive peer security presence at student organized social events on campus. They work with social event hosts and Public Safety officers to maintaining a fun and safe environment at these events.

  1. Assist in staffing the entrance and exit doors
  2. Ensure venue capacity is not exceeded
  3. Assist Public Safety in emergency situations at the event
  4. Generally help to maintain a safe and well organized event
  5. Check to see if appropriate policies are being followed ( i.e. correct food and non-alcoholic rations, checking of  identification, etc)
  6. Attend training and Event Staff meetings as required
  7. Assist in other duties as assigned
  1. Be in good academic standing at Wesleyan University
  2. Not have any violations of  “The Code of Non-Academic Conduct”
  3. Strong interpersonal skills
  4. Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  5. Ability to be assertive and manage conflict
  6. Must be willing to work late nights/weekends
  7. A completed application.

Compensation:  $10.50 an hour for staff / $13.00 an hour for Captains

 We are currently accepting APPLICATIONS until Friday, February 3 at 1pm.

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