• Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development
  • Student Activities & Leadership Development

University Organizing Center Intern Job Description

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development is seeking a responsible, resourceful, energetic, and dedicated student with good communication skills and experience organizing in Wesleyan’s activist community. This position helps create and maintain resources for students interested in social justice and activism community, guidance and an institutional role to support campus activism and social justice work at the University Organizing Center.

The intern will work with The UOC-Committee on various projects over the course of each semester. They will maintain the University Center at 190 High Street, make sure the space remains clean and functional for student group space. The intern(s) will also be a point person for student activists looking for supplies, resources and space for activities and events.  Hence networking skills as well as a high level of connectedness and visibility on campus are important attributes.


  • Meet regularly with the Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development to discuss programming and projects.
  • Meet regularly with University Organizing Center Committee to organize projects and plan events.
  • Work closely and meet regularly with the other SALD Interns to update and coordinate events.
  • Oversee application processes for UOC-Committee and incoming UOC interns
  • Oversee, maintain and upkeep the University Organizing Center.
  • Attend a variety of student activity meetings including SALD, activist and social justice student groups, and other relevant events.
  • Work to share activist know-how and history to extend institutional memory.
  • Maintain the Info-shop well stocked with materials for student group use
  • Work toward coalition-building, greater communication, and multi-political organizing with the various multicultural “communities” on campus.
  • Work toward better sustainability of student groups, encouraging archiving, documentation of group activities and preservation of group programming.


  • Sophomore, junior or senior
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written
  • Strong networking skills
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse student, faculty and staff populations
  • Strong organizational abilities and time management skills
  • Capacity for discretion and confidentiality when working with students and administrators
  • Ability to be creative and innovative
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, self-motivation, and maturity
  • Demonstrated a commitment to issues of social justice
  • Knowledge and experience with current administrative software: (ie:  MS Word, Excel, Internet browsers, etc)
  • Ability to work independently and to work flexible hours (10 hours per week)
  • Able to make a two semester commitment
  • Ability to work well with others and delegate tasks

Professional Development:

This internship offers competitive wages, a flexible schedule with professional expectations, an exciting opportunity for leadership and development, and the chance to create progressive change within the Wesleyan community. The inter reports to the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development.

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