Student Program Fund (SPF)

The first day to request funds for Fall 2017 will be on Tuesday September 5th. The last day to request funds is December 4th. The first notification of funding will be sent on September 11th. All receipts for reimbursement will be due no later than Friday December 8th, failure to submit receipts by the deadline will result in forfeiting the reimbursement.

The Student Programming Fund exists to assist student organizations in funding cultural, educational, and social events. This fund helps supplement the programmatic costs of events. Student organizations can request funding for the following:

  • Food not covered by the WSA
  • Supplies (ex. Plates, Table Cloths, Utensils, Art Supplies, Decorations etc.)
  • Vendor Fees
  • Honorariums
  • Rider Items

SPF will not fund:

  • Travel
  • Department programs/initiatives
  • Costumes/clothing/personalized clothing
  • Items for personal use
  • Items for fundraising purposes
  • Graduate student programs
  • Conference registrations

Requesting funds:

  • Applications must be submitted no later than the Monday, one (1) week prior to your event (ex. Your event is on September 19th, the SPF application must be completed by September 11th). However, organizations are encouraged to apply before that time. Applications are due no later than 8:59am on Mondays; all questions must be answered in full to be considered. Retroactive requests will not be considered. Student organizations are encouraged to apply for funding early as funding is limited and is provided on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Applications are reviewed once a week on Mondays between 9am-12pm. Decisions are made using a rubric. Notifications are sent out once a week on Mondays between 1pm-4pm. The student who submitted the form will receive notification via email.


  • The student submitting a SPF request must do so on behalf of a WSA recognized organization. Students cannot request funds on behalf of a department or individual.
  • The event must contribute to the educational or cultural life of the University and/or help to build a sense of community at Wesleyan. Events must be open to the entire campus community. Please note: The average amount approved is $100, occasionally higher amounts are approved, but it is extremely rare.
  • Funds are not guaranteed, and organizations should not rely on SPF as their main source of funding. Due to the limited funds available, first time requests will be given priority over organizations who have submitted multiple requests.
  • SPF does not fund:
    • Requests that haven’t been submitted per the policy
    • Events that violate the code of non-academic conduct or University policy
    • Alcoholic beverages, spirits, tobacco products, controlled or illegal substances
    • Donations, gifts, or prizes (including gift cards)
    • Purchases made at WesShop or using WesPoints
    • Any event taking place in a residential space
    • Set-up fees normally covered by the SBC
    • Honoraria or expenses for current faculty
    • Honoraria or expenses for current students
    • Additional funding requests from groups planning events during identity months. If you are planning such an event please contact SALD for information about funding identity/affinity months
    • Students/student organizations requesting money on behalf of a department or university initiative (includes collaborations/co-sponsorships)
    • Start-up funds for a student organization or charity fundraiser.
    • Travel costs or conference registration for individuals or student organizations. Student attendance to off campus events will only be considered if a concrete plan for benefiting the larger campus is presented
    • Any outside contractor or non-University employee that acts as a coach for a sports team or athletic/fitness event (ie. boxing, yoga, fencing, etc.)
    • Any event which may create or contribute to a hostile or unsafe environment in accordance with Wesleyan's Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment Policy

Multiple Requests:

Although a student organization can apply multiple times for SPF, priority will be given to organizations who are applying for the first time. If your organization has an expense that is reoccurring, please speak to SALD directly to discuss this expense in order to find an alternative solution.

Accessing SPF Funds:

 If your request has been approved, you will be notified via email. You can access funds through the following methods:

  1. Reimbursements: For out-of-pocket purchases of materials and supplies (ie. food, decorations, etc.) itemized receipts are required to process your reimbursement. A completed “Student Program Fund Reimbursement” Form with original itemized receipts must be submitted to Student Activities & Leadership Development within five (5) business days of the event for reimbursement. Your itemized receipt must also indicate a method of payment. Note: SALD will not reimburse purchases made at WesShop or using WesPoints.
  2. Direct Billing: Occasionally, SALD will pay for requested items directly. If a student organization would like to utilize this option, they must speak with SALD directly. Please make an appointment by emailing
  3. Contracts: If a student organization has received money to cover an honorarium, SALD can work with the organization to draw a contract and pay for the honorarium directly.
  4. Fund Transfer: Student organizations can request SALD transfer money to their organization smartkey. 

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