Rent Payments

Rent is deducted from the stipend of the graduate student unless the student is no longer receiving a stipend.  These students must submit a check payable to Wesleyan University by the 10th of each month.  Checks must be submitted to the attention of:  Sherri Condon, 237 High Street, #422A, Middletown, CT  06459.  If you have any questions regarding payment of rent, please contact Sherri Condon at x2437 or

Rental Rates 2016-2017

Please see below for the monthly rates for graduate housing.

Type of Housing

Furnished Housing

Unfurnished Housing

Group Housing

$730 per month


One-Person Apartment

Park Washington: $858 per month
126 Pearl: $746

  Park Washington: $776
Wood Frame house: $869

Two-Person Apartment

126 Pearl only: $533 (per occupant)


Family Housing


$869 per month