Approved Student Forums - Spring 2014


The following Student Forums have been approved for the spring 2014 semester.  Students enroll in Student Forums during the drop/add period.  To register for a Student Forum, please contact the Student Leader of the forum. Signed forms must be turned in to the Registrar's Office before the end of Drop/Add. Enrollment limit is 15 per class plus the student leader(s).


Course Title Credit

Student Leader(s)

Faculty Sponsor

AMST420(01) Unlearning Prejudice and Practicing Self-Love 1.0 Alma Sanchez-Eppler, Mimiko Goldshein Joel Pfister

Radio Storytelling: Crafting a Narrative Through Sound

1.0 Rebecca Seidel, Aviva Hirsch J. Kehaulani Kauanui

The Science and Art of Chemical Demonstrations

1.0 Caitlin Bray, Stuart Pasch T. David Westmoreland
CHIN420(01) Cantonese 1.0 Alecia Ng, Vanessa Chen Xiaomiao Zhu
COL420(01) History and Memory in the Twentieth Century: From Walter Benjamin to W. G. Sebald 1.0 Henry Peterson Ulrich Plass
EAST420(01) Alan Watts .5 Bryan Garrett-Farb Stephen Angle
ECON420(01) Out of Theory into Practice: Entrepreneurship Studies 101 1.0 Alex Cantrell, Katya Sapozhnina Abigail Hornstein
ENGL420(01) Grant Morrison: Comic Book Writer/Rock Star/Wizard 1.0 Matthew Amylon Sean McCann
ENGL420(02) Memoirs of Crisis: Writing Through Trauma 1.0 Cade Leebron, Jenessa Duncombe Clifford Chase
ENVS420(01) Building Resilient Landscape Systems: The Intersection of Deep Ecology and Sustainable Landscape Design 1.0 William Wiebe, Manon Lefevre Dana Royer
ENVS420(02) Farm Forum: Sustainable Agriculture in Theory and Practice 1.0 Ross Levin, Holt Akers-Campbell Gillian Goslinga
ENVS420(03) Food Justice, Sustainability, and Sovereignty at Wesleyan and Beyond 1.0 Noelle Hiam, Rachel Lindy Barry Chernoff
FGSS420(01) Modern Feminism. Period. 1.0 Kate Weiner, Lily Myers Mary Ann Clawson
SOC420(01) WesDEF Training: Breaking Barriers Through Facilitation 1.0 Alexandra Ricks, Jessica Katzen Jonathan Cutler