Quantitative Analysis Center

Life After the QAC

QAC alumni are known for going on to do great things. From research analysts to consultants, many alumni attribute their success to the skills they learned while working in the QAC. This year, we are proud to announce that all four of our senior tutors have solidified their post-graduation plans:




"After graduation, I will be working as a Research Assistant/Programmer at Mathematica Policy Research in Princeton, NJ. My first exposure to social/public policy research was during the QAC Summer Apprenticeship program after my sophomore year. I worked with Professor Long in the Sociology department and analyzed the effect of charter schools (as oppose to traditional public schools) on student achievement. Since then, I've become very interested in education policy research, and during my last semester at Wesleyan, I'm writing a senior essay that discusses the role charter schools play in school segregation. I hope to continue researching education, as well as other public policy, issues after graduation. I've loved working as a QAC tutor for the past two years, and I'm really excited to bring the knowledge I've learned through tutoring to my future job!" -Shivani Kochhar


"After graduation, I will be working for Analysis Group (an economic consulting firm)
as a first year analyst. I participated in the QAC Summer Apprenticeship program in the
summer after my junior year. I worked with a professor in the Economics Department
on a project that analyzed how the FICA payroll tax affects two-parent families with
children. Not only did I gain knowledge of this topic, I also gained invaluable experience
working with statistical packages and econometric techniques. As a QAC tutor this past
year I have had the opportunity to help students in different academic disciplines work
with different statistical software such as Stata, SAS, R, and SPSS." -Kate Uthe


"I was fortunate enough to attend the QAC summer program and become a tutor the following semester.  Next year, I will be joining Booz & Company as a consultant, working on their demand analytics team.  The QAC was my number one talking point in all of my job interviews and the company that hired me was both thrilled and pleasantly surprised that I had experience with both SAS and SPSS as an undergraduate.  In addition , I was able to do meaningful and rewarding research through the apprenticeship program." -Adam Jaskol



"I will be starting a doctoral program in sociology at the University of Wisconsin--Madison this fall. My experience with the QAC provided me with research experience in my areas of interest, allowing me to work with faculty members and giving me skills to do more independent work in my senior thesis." - Catherine Doren


"Next year, I will be enrolled in the BA/MA program as part of the Psychology Department, under Professor Lisa Dierker. In the program, I will be using advanced data mining and data visualization techniques to analyze survey data collected by Professor Justine Quijada in the Religion Department on attendees at shamanic ceremonies in Buryatia, Russia. The QAC has been integral to my college education by helping me develop skills to understand and interpret data that I can apply to any area of study in which I'm interested." -Eric Stephen