Motor Vehicle Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been adopted to promote the safety and convenience of the entire University, and allow for maximum and efficient use of our parking facilities. To serve this purpose they must be, and will be, strictly enforced.

Any motor vehicle parked on Wesleyan University property which does not display a valid parking decal for its assigned lot is subject to towing or being immobilized by the application of the "Auto-Kuff" (Denver Boot). In addition, any vehicle which is properly registered with the Office of Public Safety but is parked in a lot other than the lot for which the vehicle is assigned, is subject to ticketing, towing or being immobilized. All visitors and guests should obtain a temporary parking permit. Prior arrangements should be made through the Office of Public Safety.

The owner and/or operator of any vehicle parked on Wesleyan University property shall assume the risk of loss or damage to said vehicle and its contents. Wesleyan University assumes no responsibility for the safety, care and protection of the vehicle and its contents. In this respect, we recommend you lock your car.

The owner of any vehicle which becomes disabled on University property must notify the Office of Public Safety as soon as possible. In some instances the vehicle will have to be removed immediately; otherwise, it must be removed within forty-eight hours.

Enforcement of Regulations

The Office of Public Safety is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the regulations set forth on a twenty-four hour a day basis.

If you have a unique parking problem, please contact the Office of Public Safety. We will try to help if the request is justified. If you are handicapped, we will do everything we can to ease your parking problems and assure easy access to the campus area you will be utilizing.

Rules & Regulations

[revised fall '16]

  • All students, faculty and staff must register their motor vehicle(s) with the Office of Public Safety and obtain a parking permit. The University reserves the right to tow or immobilize unregistered vehicles at the owner's expense.
  • All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid Wesleyan parking decal. This decal (or a Public Safety issued temporary pass) must be prominently displayed inside the lower left hand corner of the rear window.
  • A change of registration, transfer or sale of a motor vehicle registered with Wesleyan must be reported to the Office of Public Safety.
  • The responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the operator. Lack of space in a certain area is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations.
  • The person in whose name the parking permit is issued shall be held responsible for any violation involving the vehicle.
  • Transfer of a parking decal or temporary permit to another vehicle, possession of stolen or altered decal, or the falsification of a registration form is prohibited.
  • Motor vehicle parking on Wesleyan’s campus is confined to Posted/Lettered Lots or approved Student areas. Restricted lots are posted at the entrances.  A missing sign does not change the parking status of that particular lot.  It is the responsibility of the driver to know the University parking regulations.

During the period of 2:00 AM to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, faculty and staff vehicles must be parked in their assigned lots. 

Student Parking Lots are at the following locations:

  • Vine Street Lot
  • K Lot - Between 202 & 230 Washington St
  • W Lot - Near High Rise
  • 344 Washington Street
  • M Lot - Rear 356 Washington St
  • 151/157 Church St
  • 156 High St - Directly behind Wes Wings only

U Lot –End of Fountain Ave (For Senior Residents of Fountain Ave only)

All First Year Students are required to park in Vine Street Lot at all times, including weekends/evenings.

Students may not park in O Lot (Observatory Lot) or Clark Lot at any time.

Students may park in the faculty/staff lots at the following times:

  • Monday: 5:00 p.m. - 2am
  • Tuesday: 5:00 p.m. - 2am
  • Wednesday 5:00 p.m. - 2am
  • Thursday:  5:00 p.m. - 2am
  • Friday:  5:00 p.m. - Monday 2am

Student vehicles found parked in faculty/staff lots after 2am Sunday-Thursday will be ticketed, towed, or immobilized. Parking enforcement is effective all year including during breaks.

The Office of Public Safety reserves the right to restrict parking in any campus lot during or after normal business hours for special events or emergencies.

Foss Hill Drive parking areas are restricted to service vehicles only unless permission from Public safety is given.

  • Registered vehicles parked in lots other than their assigned lots are subject to ticketing, towing or immobilization by the "Auto-Kuff".  A violation may result in the vehicle being immobilized with the "Auto-Kuff" at any time.  If your vehicle has been immobilized with the "Auto-Kuff," do not attempt to remove it for any reason.  This may cause damage to your vehicle and the "Auto-Kuff."
  • Unregistered vehicles parked in any University lot will be subject to immobilization, ticketing, and a fine. The first violation is not a warning. A violation may result in the vehicle being immobilized with the "Auto-Kuff" at any time.  If your vehicle has been immobilized with the "Auto-Kuff," do not attempt to remove it for any reason.  This may cause damage to your vehicle and the "Auto-Kuff."
  • Vehicles parked in designated handicapped zones must display a valid state issued permit. Vehicles illegally parked in designated handicapped zones are subject to ticketing and towing or immobilization with the "Auto-Kuff."
  • Any vehicle parked in a fire lane or in a manner so as to obstruct the normal flow of traffic or in any areas not intended for vehicular traffic will be ticketed and fined. Moreover, such vehicles are subject to towing. The first violation is not a warning.  Vehicles parked in campus fire lanes that have been designated by the City of Middletown are subject ot ticketing and/or towing by the Middletown Police Department and/or Public Safety.
  • Any vehicle parked in such a manner as to endanger the grounds will be ticketed and fined $50.00 or immobilized which will incur a higher fine. Vehicles that remain booted for more than twenty-four hours will be charged additional fines at the rate of $30 per day until the removal of the  “Auto Kuff” from the vehicle and removal of the vehicle from the area.  The “Auto Kuff” will be removed by Public Safety staff after payment of these charges. Tampering with the "Auto-Kuff" will subject the owner/operator to an additional fine of $50.00
  • Students must register their vehicles each September at a cost of $100.00 per academic year, or whenever they bring a vehicle to campus.
  • All persons operating motor vehicles on or around the campus must operate their vehicle within the speed limit and in a manner which will ensure the safety of the entire community.
  • Any vehicle abandoned on University property will be towed at the owner's expense. Should no one claim said vehicle, it will be disposed of by the carrier in the manner dictated by Connecticut statutes.
  • Any person whose vehicle has been towed or ticketed may appeal it in writing to the Director of Public Safety within 10 days of the incident. The appellant will receive a response to his or her appeal within 15 days of the receipt of said appeal. Appeal forms are available at the Office of Public Safety.
  • Any vehicles obstructing trash containers, parking in a service drive or loading dock, parking in a fire lane or tow zone, or obstructing other cars or driveway, will be subject to ticketing, towing or immobilization.
  • Parking on lawns is prohibited throughout campus, including wood frame houses.  Upon registering, students living in wood frame houses can park in designated driveways or student lots.

These rules and regulations are enforced as equitably as possible. There are times when vehicles may be illegally parked and not ticketed, immobilized or towed. These circumstances do not change the fact that the area is restricted. Therefore, the fact that a vehicle has parked in an area in the past without any action being taken does not constitute a reasonable appeal.

Parking permits are available at the Office of Public Safety, located at 208 High Street.

The Office of Public Safety requests that all members of the community cooperate and adhere to these rules. This cooperation will ensure that traffic and parking patterns on campus will operate in a safe and efficient manner.


In the event of a winter parking ban being declared by the City of Middletown Public Safety will notify students, faculty and staff via voice and e-mail.  All vehicles must be removed from city streets or they will be subject to ticketing and towing by the City at the owner’s expense.

Student vehicles may be placed legally in any student parking lot. Any announced Snow Ban automatically closes all Faculty/Staff lots to student usage immediately, even on weekends and during evening hours.

Student vehicles parked in faculty/staff lots may be towed and subject to a $75 parking ticket. Faculty and staff vehicles should park in their assigned lots.

This information will also be posted on the Public Safety bulletin board located at: The Awareness Report

The Office of Public Safety wishes to thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Should you have any questions or problems with parking, you may contact the office, which is located at 208 High Street, at 860 685-2345 or x2345 from a campus extension

Please Drive Carefully