Name: Jay Mantie

Rank/Position: Supervisor/Lieutenant

Hometown: Middletown, CT

Experience: Jay Mantie has a 33 year record of security work, with the past 16 serving Wesleyan. Mantie has always served Middletown, previously with a healthcare background in security for Middlesex Hospital. Mantie’s duties include training Wesleyan officers with proper use of the tools at Public Safety’s disposal, including defensive driving and aggression management. He is also a certified instructor for Safe Aggressive Management (SAM), and Rape Awareness Defense (RAD) training for those outside the department.

Why Wes?: After serving nearby for 18 years, Mantie was looking for a new experience to learn with a new opportunity. During his time with Middlesex Hospital, Mantie worked closely with the College of Nursing Studies there. Enjoying his time spent interacting with students, he saw Wesleyan as a great next step. In his years at Wesleyan, Mantie aims to help people better understand Public Safety’s role, and improve upon the group itself. Taking the communal mentality, he sees himself as one member of the team to keep Wesleyan going.

Best part of the job: Mantie’s favorite part of the job is working from various angles of the Wesleyan community, interacting with students, faculty, and Middletown itself. He believes his job is bringing all these groups together for the better. For him, the people are the most important aspect. Mantie also loves the SAM and RAD programs he teaches, especially with the bonds he makes working with the people. Above all, he works so that Public Safety is there for anyone in a bad spot.

Genres: Favorite movie: Action-Suspense Thrillers. Favorite music: Light jazz, African Drumming

Favorite Restaurant: Catina, Italian food