Pre College Academy
precollege on campus

Registration for 2014 is closed.

Current high school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take courses on campus at Wesleyan University during the summer and enjoy academic, social, and intellectual opportunities that cannot be found in a high school classroom. For five weeks, you will be a member of the Wesleyan community, taking courses alongside Wesleyan students to earn full college credit. This preview of college student life provides a chance for personal growth, enjoyment, and the opportunity to develop memorable friendships. Students wishing to receive updated information should send an email to PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not able to offer financial aid for the precollege program. 

Wesleyan's Pre-College Faculty Mentor Program: Learning beyond the classroom
In addition to our outstanding residential programs, Wesleyan offers the exclusive opportunity for Pre-College students to be mentored by Wesleyan faculty.  Pre-College students will, as a cohort, meet regularly with faculty mentors outside of the classroom, attending events, sharing meals, and participating in discussions about the collegiate experience. Mentor relationships build a stronger learning base than classroom teaching alone can achieve. Students will strengthen their friendships within the cohort as they gain invaluable insight into what college holds in store for them, as well as the strategies they will need to succeed.

Additional Highlights of Wesleyan's Pre-College On Campus Program

  • Full College Credit
  • Open to High School students in classes of 2014, 2015, and those who are completing a PG or gap year
  • Immersive, Concentrated Study
  • Experience college student life by choosing to live in campus housing (optional)