Making Excellence Inclusive


WesDEF (the Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitation Program) is a student group founded in 2005 that leads anti-oppression conversation workshops.  WesDEF students train throughout the year for their roles as community facilitators and educators.  Selected first-year residential halls will continue to have workshops on social justice issues led by Wesleyan Divesity Educaton Facilitators (WesDEFs).

WesDEF workshops may include a discussion of classism, a poetry exercise about the meaning of home, or an activity exploring the presence of institutional racism in our community.   All workshops provide an opportunity for critical dialogue about the impact of oppression at Wesleyan and the larger world.

The purpose of WesDEF workshops is not to provide answers but to elicit questions and to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to aid personal exploration and further social awareness.  The WesDEF program aims to act as a resource for the Wesleyan community, developing space for social justice work, dialogue and understanding.  Support, guidance, and funding come from the Office of Diversity and Institutional Partnerships and the Office of Residential Life.

WesDEF Student Committee

Hannah Bailenson '13
Max Cecil '12
Margaret Cohen '12
Carey Gilchrist '13
Dan Ping He '13
Cristine Khan '13
Brian Lee '13
Maria Meara-Bainbridge '13
Meghan McGuire '12
Ayana Mortley '12
Agueda Ortega '13
Nicholas Petrie '12
Lisa Sy '13
Veronika Vackova '12
May Lee Watase '13