Recent Correspondence Summer/Fall 2013

It happens to all of us. That important letter or the informative email from the University has disappeared from the mailbox, inbox, or the dining room table. No problem! Now you can simply check this page to retrieve this year's correspondence, both mail and electronic, between Wesleyan and parents.

A monthly email from the Office of Parent Programs
July 30- Greetings from Wesleyan! (sent to parents of new students)
August 18 - August ParentLine (sent to parents of upperclass students)
September 21 - September ParentLine
October 15 - October ParentLine
November 18 - November ParentLine

Other Correspondence to Parents
October 21 - Winter at Wesleyan
December 2, Commencement 2014 Information (sent to parents of graduating seniors)
December 13 - Winter Closing Update

Notes from the Class Dean
August - 2014
August- 2015
August- 2016
August- 2017

November - 2014
November- 2015
November - 2016
November - 2017

Correspondence sent to the on-campus community
September 5 - Campus Update
Setpember 25 - Sexual Violence Task Force Annual Report
October 15 - Campus Update
October 16 - Winter at Wesleyan
November 12 - Public Safety Search and External Review

Correpondence sent to students
July 30 - Annual Health Insurance Requirements
August 21- Health Insurance Billing
August 30 - Student Handbook and University Policies
September 3 - Campus Climate Log, Anti-bias Reporting Website and Committee
September 10 - Davison Health Center Health Tips
September 11 - Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group starts Tuesday, September 24th
September 11 - WeSupport Workshop Series
September 16 - Ideas for Wesleyan
September 16 - WEconSent: Sexual Violence Training Series begins Wednesday, September 25th
September 17 - Sexual Violence Action Committee Meeting_Wednesday, 9.18
September 19 - Room Condition Report Forms and Fire Safety Guidelines
September 19 - Preventing gun violence
September 26 - Campus safety announcement
October 7 - Privilege and Policy Series Talks
October 9 - Wesleyan's internal Permission to Study Abroad Application Deadline for study abroad in Spring 2014
October 31, Winter Break Information
November 6, 2013 Free Transportation to Football Game at Trinity!
November 19 - Campus Health Alert

Now on Wesconnect
A weekly email with campus news and event information
June 5 - A night at the Newseum, second wave feminism, and all that jazz
June 12 - Cyber strife, Digital Wes, Chicago shindig, and the Tonys
June 19 - Unpaid interns, entangled states and trans parenting - Now on Wesconnect
June 26 - Get happy, mission to MOOC and Indonesian fires - Now on Wesconnect
July 3 - Stem cell grant, tree politics and a major milestone - Now on Wesconnect
July 11- Mandela's message, Singaporean coral and Cardinal in the City - Now on Wesconnect
July 17- Kool-aid wino, Brazilian protests, Nickel and Dimed - Now on Wesconnect
July 24 -Conjuring starlight, a tactile timepiece, Wes MOOCs are back! - Now on Wesconnect
July 31 - Pancakes, zebrafish and publishing - Now on Wesconnect
August 7 - The Avengers, team X-games and travel - Now on Wesconnect
August 14 - Living newspaper, nursing buildings and crossing roads - Now on Wesconnect
August 21 -Whedon exhibit, arts vs science, Arendt conference - Now on Wesconnect
August 28 - King's Dream animated, unfaithful bees, 22 cities - Now on Wesconnect
September 4 - Game of Thrones, Saturday night lights, comedy chats - Now on Wesconnect
September 11 - MGMT video, PEN Prize, Wes Women, Afropop - Now on Wesconnect
September 18 - Mashable summit, free speech, breakup texting and WesGear - Now on Wesconnect
September 25 - Paper v pixels, table talk and a crushing win - Now on Wesconnect
October 2 - Register for Homecoming, Lin-Manuel on HIMYM, and unpaid gigs - Now on Wesconnect
October 9 - Post Bloomberg, Commander's Cross and Navaratri - Now on Wesconnect
October 16 - Last chance to register, evolution of color and Gregorian chant - Now on Wesconnect
October 30- Little Three championship, concerts, and coming home - Now on Wesconnect
December 4 Michelangelo's David, Doris Duke and diversity - Now on Wesconnect
December 18 - Snapchat Picasso, swallow the fly and Pakistani portraits - Now on Wesconnect


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