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Davison Health Center – Health Tips

This year, the Health Center will begin sending out regular updates to the student body about common illnesses on campus. Remember to contact us at 860-685-2470 for an appointment for routine services.


Over the past several days, we have seen a number of cases of strep throat here at Davison Health Center.  Students have asked excellent questions about this condition.  I would like to give some information to the student body about this


(1)    What is it?


Strep throat is an infection caused by a specific bacteria (Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus).  When infected, symptoms come on abruptly.  It usually lasts 2-5 days.


(2)    What are the symptoms?


The classic signs and symptoms are severe sore throat, pus on the tonsils, swollen neck glands and fever.  Some  people have headache, vomiting, red rash,  and body aches.  Surprisingly, cough is minimal or absent.


(3)    Should this be treated with medication?


Yes, if you are diagnosed with strep throat, treatment with an antibiotic decreases severity and duration of the illness, decreases contagiousness (after 24 hours of treatment) and decreases rare but significant complications such as kidney failure.


(4)    How can I prevent getting it or spreading it?


Handwashing, handwashing and handwashing.  Bacterial can be found on doorknobs, faucets and many other surfaces we touch during the day.  Handwashing is the most important way to control infectious disease spread.  Also (and this may seem obvious) do not share drink containers, straws, utensils, and the like.



Thomas McLarney, MD, FAAFP

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