From: All Students on campus []
Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2013 11:04 AM
To: all_studenton-l
Subject: Storm Updates - Saturday Feb 9

Dear Students,

We have experienced a significant snowfall, but no power outages have yet been reported.  Physical Plant and the Grounds crew have a massive job ahead in terms of clearing snow from campus sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.  Priority has been given to clearing paths around Usdan and student residences.  Heavy equipment is being used for snow removal so please exercise extreme caution if you venture outside today.  The University has cancelled all events and activities scheduled for today.  Some updates on campus services are listed below for your information.

Stay warm and safe!
Dean Mike

Michael J. Whaley
Vice President for Student Affairs

Storm Information for Students:

·         All roads in the State are closed, and many secondary streets are not yet plowed

·         Although the snow has stopped, strong winds are forecast for this afternoon and evening.  These winds may cause tree damage and/or down power lines.  We encourage all students to remain in their residences

·         Please report any hazardous situations or loss of power/heat to Public Safety at 860-685-2345

·         Localized power outages are still possible so keep cell phones, laptops, etc. fully charged.

·         If we experience lengthy power outages, we will provide you with shelter options on campus

·         Libraries will likely remain closed today

·         Davison Health Center is closed.  Medical staff and therapists are available 24/7 through usual on call procedures

·         Freeman Athletic Center is closed today

·         The RIDE campus shuttle will not operate tonight

·         Usdan opened at 10am this morning, and meal service begins as usual at 11am

·         Usdan and Wes Wings will be open regular hours through dinner today, but most other dining outlets are closed.

·         Broad Street Books and Red & Black are closed today.