From: All Students on campus []
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 4:04 PM
To: all_studenton-l
Subject: Security Alert Follow up


Dear Students,


I'm writing to you in the wake of the security alert that you received regarding the assault at Beta this past weekend.  Middletown Police, with assistance from Public Safety, are actively investigating the incident.  The members of Beta are cooperating with the investigation, and have agreed to suspend all social events during the investigation.  Given that the suspect in the assault has not yet been identified, we will be working with Public Safety and Middletown Police to increase patrols of the campus.  While we expect that additional patrols will enhance safety, we all must remember that our collective safety depends on everyone in our community taking personal action to improve safety and security.  In that spirit, we offer the following suggestions and reminders:


Be sure to walk in groups along well-lit pathways.  Use the RIDE or Public Safety escort rather than choosing to walk aloneUse a "buddy system" when attending social events – go together and stick togetherDo not allow strangers entry into campus residencesDo not impair your awareness or judgment with drugs or alcoholConsistent with "We Speak We Stand" training, choose to take action that seems appropriate and comfortable to ensure the safety of other members of our communityImmediately report suspicious persons to Public Safety at 860-685-2345

Events such as the assault this weekend can trigger powerful emotions.  Please make use of the following resources and refer friends who might need additional support:


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 

Call (860) 685-2910 to schedule an appointment with one of the CAPS therapists.  Therapists are also available 24/7 by calling (860) 685-2910.


Class Deans provide support to students, facilitate access to academic and non-academic support services, and work with faculty on behalf of students.


Public Safety

Available 24/7 at (860) 685-2345.


Residential Life

Professional staff as well as student staff members (RAs, HRs, CAs and House Managers) are available in most residences.


We will provide an update on this incident later this week.




Dean Mike Whaley

Vice President for Student Affairs




Michael J. Whaley

Vice President for Student Affairs

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT   06459