Some important notes regarding housing:

Room selection for 2013-2014 concluded on April 11.  Students who wish to request a possible move to a different type of housing than that which they were able to select should complete the housing preference form, which is available under “Current Information” on our website,

As students prepare to leave campus at the end of the semester, they should take into account that student residences must be left in a clean condition, and all personal belongings and trash removed.  Please encourage your student to do this properly, as charges incurred by students for the university to remove belongings and clean are significant.  Items left behind will not be retrievable.  Storage information is available at   

Students are encouraged  to leave campus within 24 hours after they complete their exams, so that those who are not yet done may focus on their studies, and so that we can clean and prepare rooms for use during Reunion and Commencement.  Student residences close on Saturday, May 18 at noon.  Graduating seniors are permitted to stay in their residences until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 27.  A student is considered moved out when they have removed all their belongings and turned in their keys to the Office of Residential Life.  Significant fines will be charged if a student does not complete both steps by the applicable deadline.

Students should also be aware that the code of non-academic conduct is enforced throughout the time they are on campus.  Serious violations could result in a student being sent home or a senior being prohibited from participating in the commencement ceremony.