From: All Students on campus []
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 4:08 PM
To: all_studenton-l
Subject: Tour De Franzia follow-up


Dear Students,


Subsequent to Dean Mike’s recent e-mail concerning the Tour de Franzia, many of you have asked for clarification about what will be considered as participation in the Tour de Franzia.  First, I’d like reiterate that our major concerns about this event stem from the dangerous drinking, hospitalizations and vandalism that have accompanied it in the past.  Because of this history and the fact that high risk drinking and the tour are linked together, we believed it important that students understand what the consequences would be for participating in the event this year.  Some have asked if they will get in trouble while walking home from the library or from venturing outside at all.  You will not be presumed to be a participant for simply being outside.  Participation in the Tour will be interpreted as taking part in the scavenger hunt (whether or not you are drinking), wearing masks and/or costumes, as well as possessing and/or consuming alcohol.  There were some students last year who dressed in costumes and ran around campus with the tour thinking that they were fine because they were not carrying a bag of wine – in fact, they still contributed to the problems we experienced which is why we have specified that any participation in the tour will be subject to judicial action. 


Because there has been significant and costly damage in and around university buildings, Residential Life staff will monitor entrances to the residence halls and only residents of each building will be permitted entry during the event.  Residents should have their WesID and those observed to be in costume/masks will be documented.   


Faculty, staff and many students share concerns about this event.  We hope that you understand why we are concerned, and that you will choose not participate in the Tour if it does occur.




Dean Rick