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Subject: Student Handbook and University Policies


January 23, 2014


As we return from break, I wanted to remind you of a number of things that should help you have a successful spring semester:

                        -Student Handbook and Policies

                       -Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts

                       -Civility and Community Standards

                        -Chief Diversity/Title IX Officer Appointed

                       -Tour de Franzia


The student handbook can be found online at: In addition to the code of non-academic conduct and the honor code, the online handbook includes the university’s alcohol and other drug policy, the sexual misconduct and assault policy and several other departmental and university wide policies:

In response to recommendations made in 2010 by the Sexual Violence Task Force consisting of staff, faculty and parents, members of the student affairs staff worked with students and others to implement changes to how Wesleyan responds to reports of sexual assaults.   In consultation with leadership of the WSA, a number of additional policy changes were approved by President Roth in 2013 and the entire policy can be found here:

Alysha Warren, the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator, serves as the point person for Wesleyan’s sexual violence prevention efforts.  Alysha and all of the therapists in the Counseling Center at the Davison Health Center serve as confidential resources for any student dealing with a personal issue or just needing someone to confide in.  For a summary of what to do in the event of an assault please go here:   

During the fall semester, there were a number of incidents where students or staff experienced harassment or physical abuse by others.  In particular, please remember that you are expected to comply with the reasonable requests of university staff (i.e. residential life and public safety staff).  Put simply, if an RA or Public Safety Officer knocks on your door or asks for your ID, you are expected to comply with their request.  In most situations that get written up by staff, students will find themselves in a far better position if they provide their ID and cooperate with what they are being asked for.  As a campus of 4,000 students, staff and faculty, it is critical that we all understand our responsibility to the other members of this campus and recognize that one of the foundations of strong community is the mutual respect of its members for each other.


This fall Antonio Farias was appointed Wesleyan’s Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Officer.  Anyone who has experienced harassment or discrimination is encouraged to contact Mr. Farias at


As most of you are aware, last spring Dean Mike Whaley sent a message to the campus community about the Tour de Franzia and the university’s concerns with the damage and harm caused by this event in the past.  I am sharing that announcement again here to be sure that everyone is aware of these concerns and how the judicial board will respond if students participate in events like this in the future:

If you have any questions about this or any of the university’s community standards, please don’t hesitate to contact me in North College.


I wish you all a successful spring semester!




Dean Culliton



Rick Culliton

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/

Dean of Students

North College, Room 108

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT 06459