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Parents Talk List

Join other parents on the Wesleyan University parents e-mail list, ParentsTalk. Once you become part of this e-mail community, you can easily communicate directly with other Wesleyan parents who choose to participate.

 The ParentsTalk list is an electronic bulletin board which allows subscribers to post e-mail messages to the list address. This is an ideal forum in which to ask questions and share experiences with other parents. You can establish relationships with parents in your local area. All parents of first-year, transferring and continuing students may elect to participate. While administration and faculty may read posted messages, the list is used primarily by and for parents of current Wesleyan students.

As a subscriber, you can set your own options for receiving e-mail postings from other parents, including:

  • immediate receipt of e-mail messages as generated

  • a daily digest of messages

  • a daily digest of topics posted

  • no e-mail messages at all; access list message via web interface

Guidelines for Use:

  • ParentsTalk is a moderated venue. All messages will be reviewed before being posted. The primary criteria for review will be those related to civility or business solicitation; messages will not be edited.

  • Participants are encouraged to limit their on-list discussions to topics related to the Wesleyan experience. Non-Wesleyan related discussions should be taken off-list as a courtesy to other participants.

  • Participants may not use this venue to promote products or services for personal or business gain.

  • All members are expected to participate with respect and courtesy toward all others in the University community. Differences of opinion are expected; civil discourse with regard to these differences is required.

  • The list will be moderated by members of the Office of Parent Programs, with support from members of the parent community.

  • Information about available resources may be posted by the moderators or other University officials when appropriate.

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Still have questions? Call the Office of Parent Programs at (860) 685-3756 or e-mail

 The ParentsTalk list is made available through the support of the Office of Parent Programs, and Wesleyan University.