Meet the Student Staff

In order to achieve the goals and mission of Residential Life, 101 upper-class student staff members are selected through an extremely competitive process in order help guide the student community at Wesleyan.  There are multiple positions within the Office of Residential Life including Head Residents (HRs), Resident Advisors (RAs), House Managers (HMs), and Community Advisors (CAs) who are supervised by the professional Area Coordinator (AC) staff.  While Residential Life is one of the most important offices at Wesleyan, the student staff are what give the office its heart and drive.
  • Zack Brida 2019, Resident Assistant

    Picture of Zack Brida

    Hey! My name’s Zack. I’m a junior majoring in Film and English, and I’m from Philadelphia! I
    transferred to Wesleyan my sophomore year from a school where I was quite happy, so I was
    nervous that Wesleyan wouldn’t be as good a fit for me; luckily, I was extremely wrong.
    Wesleyan was immediately welcoming to me (I am still very close with my fellow transfers), and
    there was an outlet for my interests in movies and books. Yet I enjoyed Wes most when trying
    out new things, like co-founding a communal music listening group with my friends (its name,
    confusingly, is The Track Team), working at an on-campus eatery, and joining Reslife this Fall.

    I applied to be an RA to reproduce this transfer experience for others. I thought I would most
    enjoy imparting to the newest batch of transfer students this same enthusiasm for a new
    community that I had when I came to Wes; again, I was wrong. I value my relationships with
    each resident, but the most rewarding part of being a member of reslife is bonding with my
    fellow staff members through co-planning events and other efforts to enhance the Wes
    community. Feel free to reach out for any questions about the transfer or process or just to chat at!

  • Shardonay Pagett 2018, Head Resident

    Picture of Shardonay Pagett

    Hi everyone! Welcome to Wes! My name is Shardonay, also known as Shar. I am a senior majoring in Science and Society with concentrations in Sociology and Biology. I am also pursuing a Certificate in Informatics and Modeling. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but I have spent the last 7 years in Connecticut: boarding school and college. During my time at Wesleyan, I’ve had the great privilege of working in a plethora of Student Affairs offices as a Leadership and Development intern, as a member of the Equity Task Force, as a Peer Heath Advocate and Peer Health Coach, as well as, as a dedicated member of the Residential Life staff.

    I have been apart of the Office of Residential Life team since my sophomore year. I was an RA for three semesters, went abroad and returned as the Head Resident for Foss Hill. However, what I love the most about being apart of the staff is the opportunity to come together with fellow staff members and residents to share laughs, share struggles and learn from one another.

    I’d be more than happy to chat with you about anything and everything! My specific passions are in health and medicine, specifically health care disparities locally and globally, as well as, dance, DIY projects and spontaneous adventures. Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to chat!