Frequently Asked Questions

If I attend International Student Orientation, do I still need to attend New Student Orientation (NSO)? What do ISO participants do during New Student Orientation?

  • It is very important that ISO participants are actively involved in NSO, as ISO does not duplicate NSO activities. While some activities such as I-9 completion will be done at both ISO and NSO, it is only because most international students require more personal attention when completing these forms. For the most part, ISO and NSO are entirely different things, with ISO serving as a transition for international students to NSO.We recommend that you treat ISO as a warm-up to NSO! Making friends and getting to know Wesleyan with 70 other students is a good way to practice making friends and getting to know Wesleyan with 700 other students!

What kinds of activities are planned? What can I look forward to?

  • The program differs from year to year. However, the usual basic elements of ISO are logistical activities like shopping trips (for you to set up your rooms), social times (when you can hang out and get to know your new friends), meeting of faculty and staff, and excellent question & answer sessions with upperclass-students who are interested in your well-being.Whether it is a formal activity or an informal gathering, we ecnourage you to use these opportunities to get to know your fellow classmates, to spend time with them, to form the foundations of deep friendships. These are people you’ll see walking around campus in your next few years! If you come with an open mind and a willingness to meet others, ISO can become one of the fondest memories of your first year.

Do I have to pay for ISO?

  • There is no cost for attending ISO. ISO is provided to you because Wesleyan is heavily invested in your well-being. The university wants to make sure that  international students are well-served and will be more than ready to actively take part in the New Student Orientation (which occurs after ISO) and in campus life.

Who can attend ISO?

  • If you're an incoming undergraduate international student with an F-1 visa, a United States citizen living abroad, or a visiting international student, we want you here with us!

Wow, ISO sounds really awesome. I want to participate! How do I sign up for it?

What day do I have to arrive? Can I come earlier?

  • Arrival Day for international students is August 27, 2017.Housing and/or meals are not provided if you arrive prior to this date. If you arrive prior to this date, you will be responsible for your own housing and meals.

I'm arriving at Bradley International Airport on Arrival Day for international students, how do I get to the Wesleyan campus?

  • If you are arriving at Bradley International Airport on August 27, 2017, and you are traveling alone, we will welcome you at the airport and provide a courtesy airport shuttle to the Wesleyan campus!

I understand a shuttle service is provided on Arrival Day from Bradley Airport? How does that work? How much do I have to pay for it?

  • The shuttle is provided at no cost to you! You just need to register for ISO using the Arrival Form, and fill in your arrival details accurately. However, due to limited resources, we can only provide this service to students who are not coming to Wesleyan with family members and only those who are arriving at Bradley International Airport on August 27, 2017.

I'm not arriving at Bradley International Airport OR I'm not arriving on Arrival Day for international students OR I'm arriving with family members. Will you still be at the airport to welcome me? What transport can I take to get to Wesleyan?

  • Unfortunately, the Office of International Student Services does not have the resources to pick you up at the airport.A full description of alternative methods to campus can be found on this page provided by Wesleyan University about Transportation.If you or a family member/friend will be driving up to Wesleyan campus on Arrival Day for international students. You can find directions here. Once on campus, you will need to come to the ISO Check In Site at the Usdan University Center, 45 Wyllys Ave. There will also be signs placed in strategic spots to direct you.

Will there be anybody on campus?

  • Definitely! There will be volunteers at the ISO headquarters waiting for your arrival. They will welcome you and even help you move in to your room!

Will I be able to move into my room? Isn't the room availability date for new students August 27, 2017? If I participate in ISO, will my room be open for me?

  • If you participate in ISO, special arrangements will be made for your keys to be given to you on Arrival Day for international students. You will pick up your keys at the ISO headquarters.

What if I'm arriving prior to August 27th? Can I access my room?

  • No. Your room can only be accessed on Arrival Day for international students.

My family is coming with me to Wesleyan. Where can they stay?

  • We are delighted that your family is coming. There is an welcome dinner on August 28, 2017, which families are invited to attend. Details are available on the ISO Schedule page. Representatives from the various administration offices will be present to meet and greet your family.About a 5-10 minutes walk away, there is a hotel called Inn at Middletown. It is just down the road from campus, and offers a "Wesleyan parent" rate (not advertised on their website).More options in Connecticut are provided for your reference by Wesleyan University. The list is not a recommendation or an endorsement, but a courtesy information service.

What do I have to pack with me to Wesleyan?

  • Please read our packing list for suggestions on what to bring.

I have read the packing list, and would like to make an online order. What address should I specify as the receiving party in my order? Where will my package be? Will I get it when I arrive for ISO?

  • You can use this address:[Your Name]
    Usdan University Center
    45 Wyllys Ave. [Your Box Number]
    Middletown, CT 06459Your box number can be found in your electronic portfolio. Your package will be kept at the ISO Arrival Site and given to you when you arrive at the ISO headquarters.

I'm a financial aid student / Freeman scholar, and have arranged my flights through Sanditz. I have yet to receive my tickets / my tickets are missing. Can you send them to me?

  • Sanditz is an external travel agency that Wesleyan works with on a frequent basis. However, Sanditz is not affliated to Wesleyan. Unfortunately, we are unable to send your tickets to you. Sanditz will handle all your travel questions, so feel free to contact Susan Schiavone, 860.346.5511, ext 117.

What papers do I have to produce at the immigration checkpoint?

  • The following information was included in the packet of information mailed to you with your I-20.Upon arrival in the United States, you will also be required to show your I-20, your passport, and your F-1 student visa to the immigration officer at the port-of-entry, therefore do not pack these document in your suitcase or checked luggage because you will need to have access to them at all times. It is also possible that the immigration officer may decide to interview you upon arrival.  Should this happen, remember that the burden of proof will be upon you to demonstrate your intent to return home upon completion of your studies. Most importantly, be aware that the immigration officer may ask you to show your letter of admittance to Wesleyan and proof that you can financially support your studies so be sure to have these documents available. Do not however show these letters and financial documents to the immigration officer unless you are specifically requested to do so.For answers to more immigration-related questions, please view the Immigration resource website or email Janice Watson at

I want to transfer my high school credits (A-levels, AP and IB). How do I go about doing that?

  • For all academic issues, please go to your class dean for advice. The class dean for the Class of 2021 is Dean Louise Brown.
  • It is possible to get credit for A-level work on a department-by-department basis. You should bring with you official documentation of your scores plus any materials you have that describe the course/exam for which you wish to receive credit. (materials may include any descriptions of the courses that you took in preparation for your A-levels and any description you have of the A-level system in which you took the exams). Award of credit is at the discretion of the specific department.While you may be able to obtain Wesleyan credit for your A-levels, you may not use them to satisfy General Education Expectations or requirements for a major.
  • For more information about AP or IB credits, please click here.

I am a little confused about the final transcript form. I sent my final transcript to Wesleyan when I applied. I am no longer studying in high school. Do I have to send it again?

  • In the United States, high school usually ends during June. Therefore, most students have not completed their last year of high school when they apply to college, and need to send in a final transcript when high school ends.As an international student, if you have already graduated from high school at time of application, and have already sent in your final transcript along with your application, you do not need to send it again.

What should I do with the health forms and information that I receive from the Davison Health Center?

  • Complete and submit the forms as per the Health Center’s instructions.Neither the Office of International Student Services nor the orientation office handles health forms or health issues. The Davison Health Center is the only office on campus authorized by the university to provide health services.For further enquiries into health matters, please contact Rhonda Radcliff, Office Manager of the Davison Health Center.

The deadline for the housing preference form has passed and I haven't submitted mine yet. What should I do?

  • You can send your housing preferences directly to Fran Koerting at or you can call the office of Residential Life at 860-685-3550 and tell your preferences over the phone.

How do I apply for a visa?

I need documentation/letter from Wesleyan University that states that Wesleyan will cover my airplane tickets to and from (for financial aid students), with an official stamp, to support my visa application.

I don't know how to fill out the housing application. Is it online or on hard copy? I haven't found either. What is housing in Wesleyan like?
How do I get my Wesleyan's identification number? What about username and password for Wesleyan accounts?

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