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The following coordinator positions are available, please click on the position title for more detailed description. There will be a transition process in the spring of 2014 and the position officially begins at the start of the Fall 2014 Semester.

Applications are due either Wednesday February 12 or March 26 (deadlines are listed on the application page).  These are paid positions for work-study students and volunteer leadership positions for non-work study students. 

If you are interested, please apply here.

UPDATE: Application deadlines have been extended for several positions (new deadlines listed below).

  • Woodrow Wilson Tutoring Program--Due Date EXTENDED
    • Hours: about 3-4 per week

      The program coordinators will be responsible for: recruiting new tutors, holding information sessions regarding the program once or twice a semester, running training sessions for tutors, checking in with tutors periodically, assisting Woodrow Wilson with tutor/tutee matchups, run program logistics, coordinate van rides through OCS for tutors to Woodrow, and plan/host the annual Woodrow/Wesleyan field day in the spring. The coordinators can divide up these responsibilities however they deem appropriate amongst each other.

      Program coordinators are also required to host office hours throughout the week. These can be scheduled at the coordinator’s convenience, but should be at the same time/day every week. It is recommended that the coordinators offer a joint office hour at least once a week and then each offer another individual hour. Coordinators are also a part of Wesleyan’s Office of Community Service and are expected to attend occasional staff meetings.

      Program coordinators must have good written and oral communication skills and be organized and detail oriented. Prior tutoring experience would beneficial in running this program.

      Tutor check-ins, office hours, and staff meetings (40%)

      Tutor/tutee match ups and van scheduling (30%)

      Early semester recruitment, information sessions, and tutor training (20%)

      Community activities (social events for tutors, field day) (10%)

  • Connecticut Forests and Parks Association (CFPA)--CLOSED
    •  Hours: about 5 hours per week, schedule is flexible

      The program coordinator is responsible for recruitment and organization of volunteers to maintain trails across Connecticut and promote environmental conservation through events such as film screenings, expositions, and hikes with children. The coordinator is typically certified as a Crew Chief by the CFPA Trails Committee, but it is not required, and may be elected to the CFPA Board of Directors to work more closely with the organization. The coordinator will work with the other OCS/CCP (Office of Comunity Service/Center for Community Partnership) programs as well as EON (Environmental Organizer's Network) and other groups on campus. We are looking for innovative and well-organized people who will continue to expand and move WesCFPA forward.


  • Green Street Arts Center--CLOSED
    • The Green Street Arts Center is currently seeking 2 Student Coordinators for the AfterSchool program.  Duties involve helping to recruit and to organize volunteers and work study students for the AfterSchool program.  These positions each require approximately 8-12 hours per week commitment (requiring heavier commitment at the beginning/before each semester).  Each of these Student Coordinators will need to be on-site at Green Street at least 3 afternoons per week, in order to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of volunteers and work study students during the AfterSchool program.  Additionally, each Student Coordinator will need to maintain at least one weekly session of shared on-campus “office hours” time with the other Student Coordinator.  This is a paid position. 


      Previous experience at Green Street or possibly in other child-centered educational programs is preferred.  Self-directedness, effective communication, strong organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as, a willingness to listen and to process feedback are all needed for this leadership position. Microsoft Office and Google Drive required. Coordinators must value diversity and be committed to a successful AfterSchool Program.


      The pair of Student Coordinators will have to work well as a team and communicate regularly with Green Street staff to complete the associated responsibilities.


      Duties include:

        • Maintaining regular communication and cooperation with other Student Coordinator

        • Maintain regular communication with Program Coordinator and AfterSchool Supervisor

        • Recruiting student workers (contacting former staff members about their continued interest and availability, as well as recruiting new staff members via on-campus advertisements, blog posts, etc.)

        • Interviewing, hiring, and documenting availability of new staff members

        • Writing email communication to entire student staff, as well as, to individual student staff members, as needed

        • Building student staff schedule following creation of availability chart

        • Updating staff contact information

        • Summarizing AfterSchool routines and procedures for new staff members

        • Assisting with planning and implementation of staff orientation and training programs

        • Maintain regular contact with OCS office staff regarding program needs, transportation and progress as well as attend OCS student staff meetings.
        • Maintaining regular on-campus office hours as part of the OCS Student Coordinator Staff (preferably during a time slot shared by other Student Coordinator) to be available for student staff to approach with problems or concerns and to provide feedback and advice

        • Listen to and encourage student staff members via regular feedback sessions to debrief the events of the past month, relay information from Green Street staff, and discuss issues in order to facilitate solutions

        • Advise student staff, problem-solve student staff concerns, as well as relay feedback concerns to Program Coordinator and After School Supervisor

  • WesGilead--CLOSED
    • Hours: about 2 hours per week (not including time spent with buddy as a participating member of the program, too)

      The program coordinator will be responsible for working with their co-coordinator to keep the WGA an active organization. As a very independent program, it is key that the coordinators check in regularly with their members to keep everyone on top of their duties. The coordinator will help organize and run brief check-in meetings with students in WGA, resolve any problems between students and buddies, plan our monthly socials with Patty at Gilead Community Services, send out coordinating emails to the group, help set new members up with appropriate paperwork and buddies, run info sessions to recruit more members, and potentially even be the financial contact/help the financial contact collect receipts and deal with any financial issues that may arise. Both program coordinators are expected to simultaneously be active members of the group, meeting up with their own buddies regularly, too.

      We are looking for innovative and well-organized people who will keep our members accountable for meeting with their buddies while feeling like they have the support and network they need be successful participants in WGA. It is preferable that the coordinator has experience in the program him/herself. Schedule is flexible.

      Organize check-in meetings with members (40%)

      Plan monthly socials/special events with buddies

      Send out check-in/reminder emails

      Assist with SBC requests and transactions

      Maintain Contact with Gilead Community Services (40%)

      Help new members with paperwork

      Plan Gilead orientations with Gilead Staff

      Maintain contact with our faculty advisor

      On Campus Advocacy (20%)

      Recruit new members
      Organize info sessions

  • Housing and Hunger--CLOSED
    • Hours: about 4 hours per week 

      The program coordinator will be responsible for checking in with the three different Hunger and Homelessness programs (Food Rescue, Habitat for Humanity, and Bread Salvage) and their respective coordinators. Ze will assist each coordinator with advocacy, recruitment, expansion, financial needs and events. Ze will also attend monthly meetings with the rest of the Middlesex County Childhood Hunger task force, maintain useful communication with Amazing Grace Food Pantry, and serve as Office Assistant to OCS.  A top priority of this position is to cultivate relationships with other, related students groups and student initiatives, working with them to plan hunger and homelessness-related programs on campus and in town.

      We are looking for innovative and well-organized people who can multitask and offer assistance to different programs. Schedule is flexible.

      Working with other coordinators and assisting with their programs (40%)
      Recruting volunteers
      Looking for expansion opportunities
      Organizing fundraising or educational events for a specific program
      Assisting with SBC requests and transactions

      On Campus Advocacy (40%)
      Organize events and inviting speakers
      Potentially holding a student forum

      Maintaining Contact with outside organizations (20%)

  • Center for Prison Education (CPE)--CLOSED
    • Hours: About 5 hours a week

      Position Description: The Student Coordinator is responsible for managing all aspects of on campus prison volunteering for Wesleyan students. This consists of managing student volunteers by checking in with them on a regular basis; overseeing paperwork and the orientation process for new student volunteers; reaching out to new correctional facilities to expand volunteering opportunities; working with the Office of Community Service. We are looking for someone who is passionate, highly organized and motivated.

  • Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)--CLOSED
    • Hours: about 5 hours per week 

      The OCS student coordinator for the Wesleyan chapter of SHOFCO is a leadership role within the Center for Community Partnerships. Not only does the student have a leadership role within the student organization of SHOFCO-Wesleyan, but also has the opportunity to facilitate the creation and development of other student groups. The coordinator position is a wonderful opportunity to connect more with the official SHOFCO organization, and to maintain contact with those working on the field in Kenya as well as in SHOFCO's New York City office. 

      The OCS Coordinator is someone who assists in the leading of the student group, and is given a lot of flexibility in the creation and implementation on ideas for how Wesleyan students can further SHOFCO's mission at both Wesleyan and in Middletown.

      We are looking for someone who is organized and who is committed to the mission of Shining Hope for Communities. Preferably someone who is currently a member of the student organization, and therefore has a deep interest and knowledge of both the non-profit organization and its Wesleyan chapter.


      SHOFCO-Wesleyan Coordination (70%):

      Help lead weekly meetings


      Planning/organizing fundraising and awareness events

      SBC requests and transactions

      Maintaining an inventory of SWEP products

      Keeping track of all money fundraised

      Maintaining contact with the New York City office


      Office Work and Working with Other Coordinators (30%):

      Maintaining a few office hours per week assisting volunteers and answering phones

      Collaborating and Assisting Coordinators

      Monthly OCS office meetings

  • WesReads/WesMath--CLOSED
    • Hours: about 5 hours per week

      The program coordinator will serve as a liaison between the contacts at the elementary schools, Farm Hill and Macdonough, and the Wesleyan tutors. He or she will help recruit volunteers each semester, lead training sessions for interested tutors, be responsible for sending out weekly email updates on schedules, create a Midsemester Report and Midsemester Survey, arrange transportation to and from schools for tutors and organize materials for the tutors.

      We are looking for organized and committed individuals who are able to manage various responsibilities.

      • Logistics (60%)

        • Emailing tutors weekly updates about scheduling changes

        • Photocopying/ organizing various tutoring materials for the Math, Reading and Writing program at the different schools

        • Setting up and attending meetings with the various contacts at the elementary schools we work with

        • Organizing van schedules

        • Addressing any questions or concerns from either volunteers or the school

        • Creating the Mid-semester Report and the Mid-semester Survey, reviewing the results, and implementing any necessary changes

      • On Campus (25%)

        • Recruitment of volunteers at the Student Group Fair and the Community Engagement fair

        • Holding training sessions/ information sessions for interested volunteers (both new and old)

        • Attending biweekly student staff meetings at the Office of Community Service

      • Curriculum Development (15%)

        • Evaluating existing curricula and discussion with school administrators and tutors about effectiveness

        • Proposing revisions to current curricula, and contributing to and supervising their implementation

        • Meeting with Project Managers to discuss curriculum development, set deadlines, and edit any revisions

  • Individual Tutoring--CLOSED
    • Hours: 6-8 hours at the beginning of each semester; about 4 hours a week after

      The program coordinator has several responsibilities as a go between for parents and students. Schedule is very flexible. Responsibilities vary throughout the semester and include:

      Coming into the office to check phone messages and sometimes meet with new tutors
      Recruiting and training new tutors
      Matching Wesleyan tutors with Middletown students
      Returning phone calls and emails from parents
      Keeping track of all tutor requests and pairings
      Making sure the OrgSync participant list is accurate by the end of each semester