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Spring 2017



  • Open to all undergraduate and graduate Wesleyan students, playing any musical instrument in a piece that can be accompanied by a string, chamber, or symphony orchestra. Both original compositions and published transcriptions and/or arrangements are acceptable.
  • Up to three soloists/groups of soloists will be selected to be featured in public performance with Wesleyan University Orchestra.
  • Winners in three categories: strings, woodwinds/brass, percussion/voice/keyboard. Not awarding one (or more) distinctions is an option. 
  • Undergraduate students can win the competition only twice, once as lowerclassmen (freshman/sophomore) and the second time as upperclassmen (junior/senior).
  • Repertoire: a movement (movements) of a concerto, a concert aria, a concert piece, etc. All performance materials, including scores and parts, must be available (for either rent or purchase) in the United States.
  • Not more than 15 minutes of music. No set minimum duration.
  • Memorization is not required.
  • All participants must be enrolled in private lessons program. The teacher approves the repertoire selection and coaches the student/accompanist in preparation for the competition.
  • For performers of double/triple concertos, at least one of the soloists must be taking lessons, with an agreement that the teacher will be able to devote lesson time to coach all soloists involved in that particular performance.
  • In case the soloist plays an instrument for which no private lessons are offered on Wesleyan campus, coaching arrangements will be made with ensemble instructors or other faculty members in the music department.
  • The music department will provide each participant with one/two hours of rehearsal time with an accompanist prior to the competition, depending on the complexity of the piece.
  • All participants must be available – or be ready to become available – on Monday nights after Spring Break, 7:10-9:40 p.m. for rehearsals with the orchestra.
  • Application deadline February 8, 2017 (end of Drop/Add).
  • Competition: the week of March 6th, 2017 (the week before Spring Break)
  • Results announced on Friday, March 10th, 2017.
  • Performances: 8:00pm on Saturday, May 6, 2017.
  • Jury: TBA (normally consists of one Wesleyan professor and two guest musicians).

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