McNair Research Talks 2014

April 17, 2014 12pm-1pm in ESC 109   

Rashedul Haydar Mentor: Prof. Lutz Huwel Laser Induced Plasmas Under Bulk Water: Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Spectral Analysis
Lavontria Aaron
Mentor: Prof. Martha Gilmore

The Remote Sensing and Mapping of Serpentine Soil Plants in Puerto Rico

Justine McCullum
Mentor: Prof. Lisa Dierker Trends in Smoking Over 30 Years
April 22, 2014 12pm-1pm in ESC 109

Oluwaremilekun Ojurongbe

Mentor: Prof. Sarah Carney A Content Analysis of Immigration Debate News Coverage in 1996 and 2013
Alexander Mehner Mentor: Prof. Robert Conn Exploring Pinochet's Legacy
Manuel Rivera Mentor: Prof. Erika Taylor Vibrio Cholerae and Drug Design
April 29, 2014 12pm-1pm in ESC 109 Opraha Miles Mentor: Prof. Stephanie Petrusz The Effect of Cultural Literacy on Out-Group Bias
Shirley Deng Mentor: Prof. Jennifer Rose Access to Primary Care and HCV Outcomes - A Latent Class Analysis
Kwame Adams Mentor: Prof. Daniel Long Global Search for Functional Communities: Testing Coleman and Hoffer's Theory of Functional Communities in South Korea and Germany

The McNair Research Talks are designed for interested, non-expert students
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