McNair Research Talks 2010

Priscilla Bustamante Mentor: Prof. Andrea Patalano "The Effect of Indecisiveness on Group Decision Making"
Andrea DePetris Mentor: Prof. Sarah Carney "Crime in Children's T.V. Programs and the Impact on the Death Penalty"
Aivi Doan Mentor: Prof. Manju Hingorani "Characterizing DNA Mismatch Repair in Thermus aquaticus"
Noel Flores Mentor: Prof. Karen Collins "Investigation into Chromatic Polynomials"
Genesis Grullon Mentor: Prof. Carol Wood "The Mathematics of Voting: Does the Preferred Candidate Always Win?"
Amanda Hererra Mentor: Prof. Anna Shusterman "Spatial Language Use in Kichwa Northern Ecuador"
Julie Huang Mentor: Prof. Erika Taylor "Lignin Degrading Deoxygenases"
Jennifer Michtavy Mentor: Prof. Donald Oliver "Amino Acids Within the Active Site of Alkaline Phosphatase, phoA"
Kelley Miller Mentor: Prof. Matthew Kurts "A Novel Intervention for Improvement of Facial Affect Recognition in Schizophrenia"
Sofia Oliver Mentor: Prof. Dana Royer "Reconstructing Ancient Climates Through Leaf Physiognomy"
Jeffrey Polanco Mentor: Prof. Erika Taylor "Computational Prediction of the Structure of the Dioxygenase Protein, DesZ"
Mayra Vega Mentor: Prof. Sarah Carney "Primetime T.V. Crime Dramas' Negative Effects on American Courts and Strategies for Coping"
Jennifer Veloz Mentor: Prof. Alex Dupuy "Spanish Speaking Parents' Involvement in Their Children's Education"
Rene Ventura Mentor: Prof. Carol Wood "The Reducts of the Random Graph: What Do the 4 and 5 Vertex Graphs Show?"

The McNair Research Talks are designed for interested, non-expert, students.
For more information, please contact Valerie Marinelli, Administrative Assistant, McNair Program at (860) 685-3733 or