McNair Research Talks 2009

Claude Moïse '09
(Jay Hoggard, Music)

Shane Heckstall  '09
(Daniel Long & Rob Rosenthal, Sociology)
Jazz, Cartoons, and Jazz Cartoons

Exploring the African-American Identity in a Predominantly White College Setting
Jia Llon Yee '09
(Rex Pratt, Chemistry)

Shuk Kei Cheng '09
(Albert Fry, Chemistry)
Catechol-Vanadate Analogues as beta-Lactamase Inhibitors
Anodic Oxidative Functionalization of Toluene Derivatives
Carolyn Ariori '09
(Dana Royer, Earth & Environmental Sciences)
Paleoclimate Estimations Based on Leaves: Gondwanan vs Laurasian Flora
Keera Bhandari  BA'08/MA'09
(Hilary Barth, Psychology)
Acquiring Knowledge from Others: Preschoolers' Use of Testimony
Jorge Soto '09
(Paul Erickson, History)

Ana B. Soto '09
(Erica Dawson, Yale  School of Mgmt)
The Intersection of US Foreign Policy and Refugee Policy in the 1980s
Studying Status Fragility
P. Asia Neupane '09
(Johan Varekamp, Earth & Environmental Sciences)

Melissa Hutchins '09
(C. Barry, Michigan State Univ. Horticulture Dept.)
Mercury Pollution in Tobago, West Indies

Functional Analysis of the C-Terminus Domain of Green-Flesh (gf)
Muna S. Nahar '09 
(Scott Holmes, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
Rep and Sir Protein Influence on 2 micron Gene Regulation
Kate Miller
Michelle Tipton
Wesleyan PhD Candidates
Shocking Fishes and Sorting Bugs: Lab & field Experiences of the Chernoff Lab studying the organisms and ecology of river ecosystems
TRiO Day Trip to Portland, Maine Presentations at TRiO Day in Portland, Maine

The McNair Research Talks are designed for interested, non-expert, students.
For more information, please contact Valerie Marinelli, Administrative Assistant, McNair Program at (860) 685-3733 or