Student Staff

ASHA Jade Ransohoff and Rebecca Goldfarb-Terry
BigMac Mikaela Carty and Dana Mitchell
Hunger and Homelessness Jay Straus
H&H: Bread Salvage Sarah Mount
H&H: Food Rescue Arron Luo, Natasha Timmons and Eija Kent
H&H: Habitat for Humanity Abigail Matlack
Individual Tutoring Eija Kent and Bisa McDuffie-Thurmond
Scholars in Action Coey Li and Caleb Zakarin
SHOFCO (Shining Hope for Communities) Molly Schiff
Traverse Square Afterschool Program Shayna Bryce, Triston Ortiz, Victoria King, Simon Morrison and Rachel Godfrey
WesAGE (Wesleyan for Generational Exchange) Lauren Connolly and Gabriella Castorena
WesCFPA (CT Forest and Park Association) Hanna Holcomb
WesGilead Alliance Gabriella Castorena
Wesleyan Doula Project Louisa Winchell and Natalie May
Wesleyan Refugee Project Caroline Kravitz
WesReads/WesWrites/WesMath Mahalia Binstock and Matt Erodici
Woodrow Wilson Tutoring Program Laila Samy, Paul Willems, and Sarah Philippe