Guest Access to Wesleyan Systems

Wireless Guest Access

Guest are welcome to access Wesleyan's wireless network.  Guests may obtain access via a self-registration page that is presented upon connecting to the Wes-Guest network.  Once connected, a page will request an email address and optional cell phone number where a username and password will be sent.  Guest accounts will be valid for 72 hours.  Guests on campus longer than that may register as often as needed. 

Mac instructions for accessing Wes-Guest.  (For PDF version, click pdf_icon)

Win7/8 instructions for accessing Wes-Guest.  (For PDF version, clickpdf_icon)

If you are unable to use the self-registration option, you may also request a wireless guest account at the Usdan Information desk or in Olin Library.  Staff at these locations can create a guest account that will enable you to connect to the Wes-guest network.  

Guest Access to Wesleyan Computers

If you would like to use a wired Wesleyan-owned lab or library computer with a guest account, you can request access from staff in these locations.  Staff at the library and Usdan Information Desk may give you access to a guest account for this purpose. 

Conferences and Large Groups

Sponsoring a conference or event? Are the attendees from other academic institutions?  If so, then they may already have access to wireless via Eduroam.  If their host institution is a member of Eduroam, then they will be able to access Wesleyan's Eduroam network upon arrival.

Otherwise, guests are encouraged to use the self-registration system for wireless access.  If participants need to login to Wesleyan-owned computers in the computer labs or libraries, be sure to tell Events and Scheduling so appropriate access is set up.