Tips for Wiki Authors

Here are some tips to get you started editing your Confluence Wiki:
  • Start by pointing your browser to
    • your personal wiki address is:
  • Click the login button on the upper right of the page
  • Sign in with your Wesleyan email userid/password
    note:Confluence is part of the single sign-in so if you are already logged in you will not be prompted for your userid/password
  • You may see a box with a tour of the newest wiki features - either take the tour or close the box with the button in the lower left of the box


  • The column on the left shows you All spaces you have access to
  • Clicking the Favourite button in the left column will show your personal space
  • The column on the right shows you the most recent updates to any space you have access to


  • to enter your space click on the Favourite button in the left column and click your space name

Add a Page:

  • to add a page go to the upper right and select Add/Page
  • type over New Page in the top text box and give you page a title
  • in the large box enter the content of the page
    • use the edit tools to format your content
  • Location
    • select the place in hierarchy for this page
    • under New parent page type in the name of the new parent
  • Restrictions
    • you can restrict the viewing and editing of the page by adding userids
    • these restrictions are for this page only
  • Labels
    • optional - can enter keywords about the document for easy searching
  • Save
    • Save the page into your space


  • Make changes to any page by using the Edit button in the upper right
  • You can change the title, content, location, restrictions or labels
  • Save the page when done editing