Web Site Components  

Web Forms

Through Cascade there are two recommended ways you can include a form on your web site.  Depending on your use of the form and its data, ITS's Web and Video Service staff can work with you to determine the best solution for your department.

  • Cascade Form
    • Through Cascade you can build a form that puts the data into your Wesfiles area
    • New Media Lab will need to create a form template that you will use to build the form
    • You will need to have a Wesfiles area where the form data can be stored
  • Google Form
    • You can embed a google form into Cascade
    • Forms you embed into Cascade should be created in a Wesleyan google account

Web Site Statistics

All sites within Cascade use Google Analytics to log their usage.  If you need statistics for your web site please send a request through our support queue: