Cascade (WebCMS)

There are more than 250 Wesleyan websites currently maintained by our Web Content Management System (CMS), Cascade.  Beginning in 2009, Wesleyan University migrated all websites under the university domain to the Cascade CMS to offer a sustainable solution for maintenance, updating and training to our decentralized website owners and editors.  

Web and Video Services Staff maintain the CMS and offer monthly training sessions for new users as well as theme-based training for our current web editors. Cascade is a flexible tool that allows our departmental users to continue to edit in a familiar WYSIWYG interface even as we move the website display into a responsive framework.  

Website Owners List

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Web and Video Services provides online Cascade training available 24/7 through documentation and video tutorials (see links below).  Hands-on basic Cascade training is held once a month, as well as theme-based training for current web editors.  We also use this training time to answer any specific questions you may have about your website.  To be added to the training schedule please send a request through our service support system.  You can find the system on the upper right of this page -- marked Get Help -- or you can go to

Someone from the ITS Web and Video Services Department will contact you to schedule the training.

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