Choosing a blog or wiki

Wesleyan has multiple tools that can be used to create a web presence. These tools, including blogs and wikis, have different strengths that can make them a better choice for certain uses. Here are scenarios to help choose the appropriate product.

Tool for a class

  • First choice would be Moodle blog or wiki
    • set to work with class rosters
    • can set the site to allow class roster to read only, or to be able to add information
    • Moodle groups work well for team projects
    • can add outside users to also read or add information

Tool to collaborate with outside colleagues

  • Data is documentation for a project/research
    • users can edit each other’s entries
    • use a wiki
      • Confluence – external users will be userid_wikiguest## with a random character string password
      • Moodle – external users will be
      • Confluence or Moodle wikis can be locked down to a group or open
  • Data is topics to be commented on
    • users cannot edit another user’s entries, can only comment on them
    • use a blog
      • WordPress – external users will be userid_blogguest## with a random character string password
      • Moodle – external users will be
      • WordPress can be restricted to a closed group, but group membership must be managed manually
      • Moodle – can be locked down to a group for viewing

Tool for meeting notes

  • Need a tool to list the meeting notes historically
    • use a blog
    • users can comment on the meeting notes
    • remember this is open for viewing to the public
  • Need a tool where multiple people can edit the meeting notes
    • use confluence
    • not a tool for comments, but is a tool for sharing the editing